USB Condenser Microphone with Boom Arm – Black

Key Features

  • • USB Streamer/Podcast Condenser Microphone
    • Micro USB to USB
    • Adjustable Boom arm
    • USB Microphone for Mac, Chromebook, Windows and Linux
    • Shock Mount
    • Pop filter and Cardioid for perfect Mic Vocals and less Background Noise


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USB Condenser Microphone
This Condenser microphone has a wide frequency range (20Hz - 20KHz). This allows you to obtain a very detailed and clean sound as close as possible to reality, with studio quality. This cardioid microphone records sounds coming from the front while ambient noise from other directions is minimised. These features make the REC100 a perfect directional microphone for podcasts or streaming.

Articulating boom arm
The metal articulating arm connects via a spring-loaded vice for a secure hold on a desk or table. It ensures that the microphone is optimally positioned while still adjustable. The very solid mounting allows it to be fixed onto a support (desk, table, etc.) up to 1.8"/46mm thick.

Anti-shock mount
Shock absorber included to reduce vibrations propagating to the microphone. The rubberised elastic straps suspend your microphone from the centre of the kit and ensure good stability.

Anti-Pop filter
The pop filter helps to filterairflow and to better understand certain consonants to avoid confusion. An included windshield gives you a better sound for high quality recording with minimal normalisation necessary in post.

Plug and Play
A USB cable makes it quick and easy to use on any desktop or laptop computer. Get ready to record with incredible sound quality with this bundle.
Whether you're doing a video conference meeting on Zoom or Teams on Windows, recording a podcast on Mac, making a YouTube video on a Linux Laptop, chatting during a gaming session or producing some crisp ASMR content the REC100 has you covered. Connect the microphone to your PlayStation (PS5, PS4) and add professional audio to your clips and highlights (Not compatible with Xbox and Switch).

  • Microphone
  • Shock Mount
  • Pop Filter
  • USB Cable
  • Windshield
  • Boom Arm
  • Use Manual
August REC100 Condenser Microphone
Polar Pattern Uni-directional Cardioid
Max SPL Up to 120dB
Sampling Rate 192kHz/24bit
Power USB DC 5V
Cable Length 2.5m
Weight of Full Kit ~ 1 Kilogram
Can I use this Microphone without the stand?
The kit arrives modular, with construction of the stand and attaching the windshield etc all performed by you. If you want to keep them seperate for travel or use with a smaller device you can.

Microphone is not recording?
Please make sure that the USB cable is attached to the computer and the microphone securely.

Is it compatible with Windows 11?
The REC100B is compatible with Windows Vista,7, 8, 10 and 11/ Mac / Chrome OS/ Linux

I can hear Wind in my recording?
Please make sure you have attached the windshield to the microphone.