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These are a life saver. The noise cancelling is excellent and really makes
a difference especially on the underground.
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John Gruntskion - 18 October 2017


This is excellent. We were told when we went to Currys store that you cannot have two bluetooth headsets to listen to TV and we would have to get wired headsets. We then found this on Amazon and it's amazing. Easy to pair with the headsets and we now listen to films late at night through the headphones as we have just moved a flat. We bought the August headphones as another reviewer stated they had and we are so glad we did. The sound is like being at the cinema.

Amazon Customer - 20 August 2017


Fantastic quality and design for price and extremely comfortable to have on.
The sound quality is amazing and the controls easy to use.

Amazon Customer - 23 October 2017


It's compatible with Airplay, Spotify (only premium though), Tidal, Tune in and iHeart Radio. It also works with your provided music library on the phone, which is what I used. Additionally, those music streaming apps can only be used in combination with the 'August Alink' app and being connected to the speakers WiFi.

UK 18 Oct 2016


Great speakers, I've had several different bluetooth speakers before which have usually come in single speaker formats, (even when they've had two speakers they've usually still been in the same casing) but these obviously come as a pair which gives for a much better sound quality.

UK - Sean Howson - 31 January 2016


I've never tried Bluetooth headphones before but they give you a lot more freedom than when getting tangled up with wires.

Setup was really simple, the instructions tell you everything you need to know. Once paired your device (in my case a mobile phone, but could easily be a tablet, laptop or PC) can automatically reconnect without needing to pair.

The design is very lightweight considering it contains a battery. They are very comfortable and they don't move around much at all. They can fold down for storage/transportation and the red colour looks fantastic.

Sound quality is excellent with music having a nice depth to it with them offering a good bass as well, no tinniness from these cans!

Controls are simple, just 5 buttons on the right hand ear. You can play/pause, adjust the volume, and skip back and forwards. The play/pause button also acts as a call answer button.

If you plan on using these as wired headphones you can do so with the included 3.5mm to 3.5mm wire. They're charged via USB.

Bluetooth range is also excellent, far better than I expected. As a test I left my mobile downstairs and the music was still playing upstairs, so you'll have no issue if you pop you phone in a bag away from the headphones.

Great set of headphones for the price, and if you've never had Bluetooth headphones before I think you'll love the wires free experience.

UK - Reviewify


I have been trialing these for a couple of weeks before I wrote a review.
What I can say is they are brilliant in all aspects, the sound quality is awesome for such a small speaker. The Bluetooth pickup strength is second to none, there is every cable you will ever need supplied with the components in the box. The look and finish of these speakers is brilliant, and I'm not sure they could be beaten or equalled in value for money. The sound quality is better than my Panasonic 4k tv, and that struggles with bass tones.

I have connected them to the earphone socket and the volume is controlled by the tv. I have also connected them to my IPhone six+, with absolutely no problems, and as previously stated the Bluetooth function is faultless with no signal loss what so ever.
The speakers come nicely presented in a well designed perfectly packed cardboard box, that is adequately illustrated and an explanation of what they are, not some cheap recycled cardboard generic box. Time and effort has gone into this whole product.
The contents of the box included the two speakers, one cable for linking the speakers,too create the stereo sound, when connected via the audio jack to non Bluetooth devices. Two jack to jack 3.5mm cables, and the Double USB charging cable, also the brilliantly laid out set up guide (instruction) booklet.
These speakers have become a permanent part of my tv setup now, and certainly don't look out of place in my opinion.
I can do nothing but recommend this product, based, on my and my families experience so far.

UK - MR D HENDON - 13 February 2016


The product arrived very quickly (sooner than expected). Very well packaged, and with easy and clear instructions.
Very well built product with a nice solid feel. A good weight and feels like a proper item rather than a plastic throwaway gadget.
The initial set up took seconds to complete, and my experimenting could begin.
Initial set up of Bluetooth Pairing. Very quick and simple, paired with my Android phone first time, and streamed from my online music server (Spotify) immediately.

Great sound quality has booming bass and clear treble - the built in EQ's are pretty good and correct for each music genre - I.E Jazz , classical , rock.
- Display look's great and is very functional
- Alarm is accurate and work's on time every day
- Easy to set up and use once you read the manual which may i add was very well written unlike my review ( hur hur )
- Bluetooth speaker mode worked flawlessly with my windows 10 laptop (built in bluetooth 4.0) - my samsung galaxy s6 & s6 edge
- FM radio tune's well and aerial albeit just a small old style cable one does pick up the local station's with ease
- Volume dial is very nice to use
- Button's are solid but functionality
- Unit feel's very premium and high quality
- Aux in worked perfectly fine as expected
- Mic was clear for call's
- Packaging was clear and cushy so unit arrived in pristine condition with everything it needed
UK - Andreas - 8 April 2016


Item arrived in excellent time, it was well protected in transit, and superbly presented in a plastic box, I absolutely love this product, the more I use it the more I like it, works very well with app, the stats this thing throws up are truly enlightening, for example, the sleep tracker...I never knew my sleep was so broken, I also like the notifications and how the buzz through and display on the band, the band is stylish and looks great when the white txt / black background screen activates ....this band charges easily with a little USB / Clamp...I've had about four days out of one charge, bearing in mind I've played with it continuously...this is my first band...and I like it.

UK - Carl - 18 January 2016


Ich bin ein großer Musikfan und schon immer machte Hausarbeit mehr Spaß mit "Musik auf den Ohren". Dank dieser Kopfhörer ist dies nun auch ohne lästigen Kabelsalat oder herausfallende Ohrstöpsel möglich. Sogar längere Telefonate sind kein Zeitfresser mehr, weil ich die Hände dabei frei habe! Meine Wäsche im Garten, kann ich im einfachen Homeweare-Look, ohne Hosentaschen, aufhängen, da man das Wiedergabegerät im Umkreis von mehreren Metern ablegen kann. Die Klangqualität der Kopfhörer ist sehr gut und die Bedienung ist "blondienengeeignet". Auch bei bewegungsintensiven Arbeiten, wie Fensterputzen und Bettenbeziehen, sitzen die Kopfhörer einwandfrei. Bei täglicher Nutzung hält der Akku mehrere Tage. An der Verarbeitung der Materialien ist sogar für mich erkennbar, dass es sich hier um ein Qualitätsprodukt handelt. In Zukunft werde ich garantiert noch viele Aktivitäten entdecken, wobei ich mit dem gute Laune Sound entspannen kann!

Germany - Tina - 1 July 2015

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