Bone Conduction Headphones Lightweight

Key Features

  • • Bone Conduction Bluetooth 5.3 High Quality Low Latency Connection
    • Microphone with Echo and Wind Noise Reduction Chip
    • IPX4 Water and Sweat Resistant
    • Fast USB-C Charging with 7 Hours of Use
    • Only 25 Grams; Great Running Headphones


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The August EP410’s are built in a minimalist style that delivers a strong bone conduction headset for running, cycling, hiking or simply popping to the shops. With an integrated microphone, on-board controls and IPX4 water resistance the EP410 delivers the lightest, easiest solution to on-the-go audio

Bone Conduction Headphones

Bone Conduction is an audio technology which sends soundwaves directly to your ear by using your jaw and cheek bones. Instead of wasting energy moving through the air and being funneled into the ear, soundwaves can instead vibrate the oscillatory bones in your ear through contact with your head.

This may sound strange, but by transferring the soundwaves through contact rather than sending them out into the air you achieve a private audio experience without the need for large drivers and over-ear padding.

The Lightest Bluetooth Headset

The EP410 weighs 25 grams total. Go about your day with your favorite songs or podcasts or audiobooks all without even feeling the weight of your headset. The minimalist design and simple, strong titanium-lined frame with a rubberised exterior allows a flexibility and comfort that over-ear headphones simply can’t achieve.

Walk and Talk

An integrated microphone allows you to take calls on-the-move and even use voice assistants like Google Assistant and Siri. Easily answer calls with a single button press or reject calls with a hold. Every function of the EP410 is designed to make your day seamless, with minimal interference.

The wind noise reduction and echo cancellation chip help make sure your caller can hear your voice, even if you are mid-run!

Headphones for Running

Care has been taken to make the EP410 headset suitable for exercise. The light weight is matched with a strong metal frame inside to ensure the unit does not fall off whilst running. Furthermore, the IPX4 rating means you have time if caught in the rain to find shelter. The open-ear design is also great for running since you can stay aware and perceptive of the world around you. This is vital for moving through cities and in public areas.

Efficient Battery Usage

The final optimisation of the EP410 is an impressive 28 day standby battery. This means that the EP410 is always ready to use when you really need them. You can enjoy up to 7 hours of music playback or phone calls with the headset before charging. The included USB-C to USB cable charges the headphones in under 1.5 Hours, which ensures you can use your bone conduction headphones every single day with minimal charge time

In the Box

1 x EP410 Bone Conduction Headphones
1 x USB to USB-C Power Cable
Quick Start Guide / Manual

Bluetooth Version


Bluetooth Range

15 m


25 g


LI Polymer 180 mAh

Maximum Clear Volume

95 dB

IP Rating


Charging Port


Is Bone Conduction Dangerous?

While the description may sound scary, Bone Conduction is perfectly as safe as other audio methods. Exposure to high-amplitude sound waves for long periods of time can be damaging to your ears whether from Bone Conduction or from traditional headphones; ensure you take the same precautions you usually would for other audio devices.

If you have a pre-existing condition which affects your bone structure or sensitivity in your cheeks, jaw, ears and skull then consult a medical professional for advice on your recommended usage limits for Bone Conduction. If you have no pre-existing condition you may use Bone Conduction headphones as often as any other.

Are these headphones waterproof?

These headphones are IPX4 rated which protects from light rain and splashes. This does not protect against constant exposure or submersion. Also, this IPX4 rating only applies when the charging port protector is folded down and inserted fully into the port. Do not remove the protector when it is raining or humid.

How to wear these headphones?

Because bone conduction works via contact with your head, the earpieces will rest in front of your ears, near your cheeks. Do not insert the earpieces into your ears or rest them against your ear itself. The frame of the EP410 hooks over your ear, and the earpiece touches your cheek. Please see the diagrams in the guide for a visualization or our product images which show the product in use.