Bluetooth Beanie Hat - Grey

Key Features

  • • Winter Beanie Hats with Bobbles
    • Machine Washable Hats for Women, Men and Children
    • Bluetooth 5.0 Reception from Smartphones, PC, Etc
    • Acrylic Wool is Soft and Thick with Snowflake Woven Design
    • 20 Hours of Battery Life after a 2 Hour Charging Period


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Release your inner child with our final variant of EPA Bluetooth Beanie, the EPA30. The adorable bobble and thicker fabric combined with a snowflake design woven in to the hat make this the perfect winter beanie hat. The Speakers are slipped easily in to the ears of the hat, and can be removed for machine washing the beanie safely.

Authentic Design

The EPA30 celebrates the season with an iconic bobble hat look. The acrylic fabric is woven in a distinct snowflake design giving the hat a unique texture and more depth. The design is woven into 4 different colour options so you can pick your favourite

Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker Units

The flat, light speakers rest on each ear through the woolly hat’s clever fabric pockets. Your music will be authentically transmitted and received thanks to support for Bluetooth 5.0 reception, which is two times as fast as Bluetooth 4. Enjoy winter to your own tune

Cleverly Disguised Control Pad

The small leatherette-looking brand stamp on the front of the beanie is actually a subtle control panel for your audio. Not just skipping and pausing tracks, but also accepting, declining and hanging up phone calls! The controls are glove-friendly so you can keep your hands warm

Hands-Free Calling

Using the Bluetooth connection, you can accept calls and talk in real time with the built-in microphone without having to fish for you phone or uncover your hands. Quickly organise a snowball meet-up while already out the door! Also, this keeps your phone safely inside a zipped pocket even during calls

Fully Machine Washable

Designed with a removable electronic unit featuring the microphone and speakers, the EPA30 becomes fully machine washable once that element is removed. Make sure you don’t exceed 40-degree water temperatures, to protect the fabric. Once the hat is fully dried you can re-insert the speakers

In The Box

EPA30 Bobble Hat with Bluetooth Speakers and Mic
USB Charging Cable
User Manual
Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency 2.4026GHz-2.480GHz
Range Up to 10 - 20m
Transmission distance of Mic 1 M
Li-ion Battery 3.7V/120mA
Charging time Up to 2.5 Hours
Working time Up to 8 Hours
Stand- by time Up to 180 Hours
Size One size fits all
Machine Washable Hat Removable Speakers
It does not turn on?
  • Charge the beanie with the included USB cable.
  • Press the Play button for 3 seconds
No Bluetooth connection?
  • Turn on the device
  • Press and hold the Play button for 7 seconds to enter pairing mode. LED will flash Red and Blue.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings on your phone
  • Select the EPA25
There is no sound?
  • Check the volume of your device (Phone, tablet, computer)
  • Check the volume of the beanie hat
  • Check that the EPA30 is paired to your device.
Wash the beanie hat?
  • Detach the earphones from the hat before washing.
  • Do not wash at over 40°C to preserve the quality of the material.