CR235 FM Car Transmitter Adapter Kit | August

Key Features

  • Car / Truck / Van Compatible Audio FM Adapter
    USB, MP3 and Bluetooth 5.3 Inputs
    Simple Installation and Set Up
    Multifunction Dial and Tactile Metal Rollers
    Bright Full-Colour LED EQ Displays


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An Adapter as Versatile as Your Ride
The CR235 features a Bluetooth 5.3 connection for lossless, under 40ms latency audio as well as passthrough for phone calls and notifications or GPS alerts. Settle in for a long drive with all you need accessible without pulling over to look at your phone
Plug and Play Simplicity
The clear status lights and simple physical connection make using this adapter easy. We made sure the input is 12-24v to be compatible with cars, trucks and vans so that everyone can enjoy hands-free calls and FM transmission. Also, there’s a big button for call interaction
USB Car Charger Adapter
The unit features a USB charging port so you can use fans, charge your phone / GPS or even hook up a dash cam. Having a USB port for a car changes your driving experience entirely and makes you more comfortable on longer journeys
Mechanical Feel and Satisfying Controls
Feeling the turn of the metal rollers as you adjust volume, bass and treble in real time, complete with reactive coloured LED gauges, makes interacting with this FM adapter unique. Feel like a pilot and immerse yourself in the mechanics of the drive with this tactile mecha design
Local USB File Support
If you want to save phone battery or use a pre-made road trip playlist then just plug in a USB up to 32gb and listen to MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC and WAV files at will. Go completely off-the grid and still enjoy your favourite music for trucking along
In the Box
CR235 Car Bluetooth FM Adapter
User Manual
 Bluetooth Version    5.3
 Bluetooth Distance    8m
 FM Frequency Range    87.5 - 108.0 MHz
 Power Input    12-24V
 Charging Output    USB-C PD30W + 5V/2.4A
 USB Support   Up to 32 GB
 Dimensions    8 x 5.8 x 12 (The Adaptor Plug) cm
 Bluetooth Version    5.3
 Bluetooth Distance    8m
Why Can I Not Hear the Sound?
Your Car Stereo must be set to the same FM frequency as the CR235 adaptor to properly transfer the audio. Use the “CH+” and “CH-“ buttons on the CR235 and your car stereo settings to match the frequencies.
Also, ensure the source Bluetooth device (Mobile Phone, etc) has volume enabled.
Why is my USB audio not playing?
Please ensure the USB stick is 32GB or less and has only MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC or WAV files stored.
How Do I match the FM frequency to my car?
The "CH+" and "CH-" buttons on the CR235 scroll frequencies, but you will need to refer to your car manufacture manual to identify how your car stereo is set, if you do not already know. Once you can change the car stereo FM channel you can match them.