9“ Portable HD Freeview TV and Media Player with Built-in Battery

Key Features

  • • Rechargeable 9 Inch Small Screen TV and Portable TV Aerial
    • EPG, Subtitles, Red Button Features in a Small TV Unit
    • Freeview and Freeview HD Tuner In-built
    • Record Live or Scheduled TV to a USB Stick
    • Multimedia and Portable Monitor Uses


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The DA900 is a testament to miniaturisation and the best way to watch Live TV in Campervan road trips or while camping. The Freeview tuning technology from August’s Set Top Boxes and USB TV Tuners is refined here, in-built in to the device so you can watch with minimal peripherals. Simply supply power, plug in a coaxial aerial, and you’re sorted!
The DA900 was made for travel every step of the way, from the rechargeable battery life enhancing portability to the small screen TV being balanced for an authentic TV experience at the smallest size possible whilst still retaining a cinematic aspect ratio and high resolution (For the screen size).

Comforts of Home, Wherever You Go

The Mini Portable TV weighs under 500 Grams so you can pack it up, stick it in a camping bag or suitcase and be off! Slouch back in bed and enjoy Live or Recorded TV all night, or be adventurous and use as a TV for Camping! The DA900 is all about the freedom to do what you want, how you want to

Perfectly Balanced Size and Fidelity

Receiving Freeview DVB-T and DVB-T2 signals on such a small screen TV results in incredibly refined and clear images. It might be a small screen, but Live TV has never looked so good! The full 16:9 aspect ratio keeps films and TV looking how they should, in a convenient, compact handheld Freeview TV

Campervan TV? Camping TV? Trucking TV? Yes!

Designing the portable digital TV to be as widely useful as possible meant adding a 12v power adapter. This enables you to use ADP100 to connect your DA900 mini-TV, making this a great 12v TV for Campervan and Camping. Recharge yourself and your TV with some quality entertainment on every break

Compatible with Aerial Boosters and Amplifiers

For those using the DA900 off the beaten path, a high gain aerial is a must. Standard coaxial digital terrestrial TV aerials can be used with the DA900 to provide a stable signal which you are in control of. Scan with a powerful roof aerial to fill the EPG, then you may switch to a portable one

More Than Just a TV

With multimedia playback you can watch and listen to your own media from USB stick. Perfect for giving kids their favourite content while you drive! You can also watch any TV recorded Live or in advance through the PVR. The USB port can also be used to make a Small Smart TV with a Smart TV stick!

In The Box

DA900 9 inch HD TV
Mains Power Adapter
Mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable
AV Cable
Portable Antenna
Remote Control
Attachable Telescopic Aerial
TV Foot Stand
User Manual

LED Dispiay Screen Size:9lnch
Resolution:800 x 480pixels
Aspect Ratio:16:9
Digital TV Frequencies VHF:177.5~226.5MHz
Decode Standard DVB_T,DVB_T2
Video Decoding H.265,H.264,MPEG4,MPEG2
DVB-T2 Band Width 6,7,8MHz
Analogue TV Frequency VHF:48.25~160.25MHz
Audio Input:1Vrms~2Vrms
HDMI In HDMI 1.4a Resolution
Antenna Input Impedance:75ohm
USB Port USB 2.0 host(5V,1000mA)
Built-in Speaker 2 x 1.5W,8ohm
Power Adaptor AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
DC 12V/1.5A
Battery Compartment Built-in lithium battery:1800mAh
Power Consumption <18W
Dimensions 223 x 149 x 24.5mm
NET Weight 420g
My USB Will Not Record?
Please ensure you have a USB 2.0 drive, and that it is formatted to NTFS.

What Devices Can I Connect to the TV?
The TV comes with a mini-HDMI cable for HDMI devices, and has AUX Port and AV port. Any HDMI or Composite device and be connected with an adapter or via the original cable if compatible.

Can this TV get Netflix?
The TV itself is only capable of DVB-T and DVB-T2 signals (Freeview and Freeview HD) however by using the USB port or other device you can display an array of videos and services.

Can This TV Get Smart Features?
By using the USB port and an HDMI adapter you can connect an Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast and create a small, portable Smart TV! Please check your HDMI adapter will fit both devices. Once connected the devices work just like they would on a full TV set.

Why Do I Not Have All Channels?
Please ensure you scan using a home or powerful aerial when channel scanning. Once channels have been located for your area, you may use the portable aerial provided or for even better results use an amplified aerial. If channels dissapear, rescan as Freeview often moves or adds channels.