EP650 - Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
I absolutely love them, I have them for 4 months now, I use them every single day. I would say that are way better than other brands that are more expensive.

Roxana-Adriana Avram – 20 July 2018

LP200 - Laser Presentation Remote
Really pleased with this item, it was one of the lowest price so I wasn’t sure how it would perform, but it was perfect for a presentation that I had to deliver the next day. All the functions worked brilliantly and it was simple to set up. I highly recommend this product.

Mia - 8 July 2018

DTV905 - Portable Freeview TV
Excellent product, good value for money and quick delivery, would highly recommend

Simon Harrison – 29 June 2018

LP205 - Laser Presentation Remote
Owned and used for the last 3 years and this product deservers a review. The product gets used weekly and has been flawless. The remote is robust and comfortable in the hand with the buttons easy to use and all are in a methodical positioning. The laser is bright and precise and can easily be viewed in daylight and bright areas. This is used in a room with the computer just over 10 metres away and there are no connection issues. The device is easily connected via a usb receiver and can be stored within the remote when not being used to minise it being lost. I have this connected to a Windows 10 PC and use it for Microsoft applications such as PowerPoint. Would recommend and buy another if needed.

R Hayat – 18 June 2018

LEC630 - Desk Lamp Bluetooth Speaker
This is a very well built device! The thought that has gone into it as well as it’s multi-functional purpose is brilliant. I love using this as a night light and the speakers on it are very good and clear and I can enjoy listening to my music loud or quieter with great sound quality. It’s very simple to use and not to mention I can also charge my fone with it! Amazing product and I would highly recommend this all round.

Zainab – 16 May 2018

EP650 - Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
The August Audio app that comes with these Headphone really does enhance the August Headphones overall package and your listen pleasure, you can even turn off the flashing Bluetooth light on the side of the headphones via this App ( Please make sure you purchase the new version of the EP650 to benefit from the August Audio App as the old version is not compatible with the App ). I contacted August and they said you will be able to tell if you have the new version of the headphones as the box they come in will have sticker on it confirming that August Ep650 inside the box is August Audio App compatible. August also went to say that the only seller currently on Amazon that is their official seller of their product is Daffodil Uk.
For the money I paid for the August EP650 these are truly fantastic headphones. If you like bass then this is the headphones for you , that said however the over sound quality of the EP650 is exceptional and with the aid of the August Audio App you can obtain crystal clear mids coupled with complimentary treble. I strongly suggest you purchase the August hard case to protect your purchase when traveling outside your home. In conclusion these headphones are not quite audiophile but you will be hard pressed to find a set of headphones below £200, that sound better than the August EP650. Get one ( Make sure it’s the new version ) you won’t be disappointed. I’m a very happy customer.

RA Daniel - 12 April 2018

EP650 - Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
I got these headphones in September 2016 and they are still going strong, like new in fact! Very good sound after I put them on loud for 30 mins, to "break them in". Very good bass, with music and films. My music sounds great with these, I can hear so much more detail. The battery lasts for ages as well. Can't go wrong with these for less than £50! Fantastic

Mr A. Webb - 30 March 2018

LEC630 - Desk Lamp Bluetooth Speaker
It is amazing!!! I have been using this lamp for the past week, and I simply love it. very high quality (even better than the pictures). Having 3 brightness levels is a very good idea because it helps me reading without hurting my eyes, and it also allows others to sleep while you are working without being annoyed from it.
As far as the speaker is concerned, it is really good for a desk lamp!!! very clever / cool idea, I am very pleased with it. I am even thinking to buy another one to give as a present! that is how cool it is.
If you want to buy a high quality desk lamp, I would definitely recommend this product. I surely would say it is a 5 stars product.

Saif – 14 Febuary 2018

MB400 - DAB Radio Bluetooth Speaker
1) Wakes me up Mon - Fri via it's alarm to the sound of the radio. But then leaves me alone come the weekend (not like my old one... That thing would blare out rubbish pop tunes whether I was hung over, really wanting a sleep in or not wanting to face the world... We had more than one falling out!)
2) It's cute!! Do not underestimate the level of cuteness this radio brings... Sometimes I just sit and look in awe of this little radio.
3) it's so easy!!! Unplug it by accident? Have to reset the time? No worries just press the DAB radio & it's done! Easy Peasy!!!
4) it has fancy functions- you can do Bluetooth via your phone or fill up a SD card with music! Sounds cool, personally I haven't a clue how to do those things... Still my old radio alarm clock did not do these things!

Katrina Newby – 17 February

DTV905 - Portable Freeview TV
Brilliant little TV: admittedly, I live in Central London, but even so, am very impressed with the pin-sharp quality of the picture. Also, since the aerial is on a fairly long lead and a magnetised base, it can be mounted on an exterior window frame, so delivers all available Freeview channels, superbly. Of course, for such a tiny set, the sound reproduction is tinny in the extreme, yet, once connected to my small stereo speakers bought to watch DVDs on my laptop - or, likewise, stereo earphones - it's totally fine. So, don't expect it to perform like a HUGE telly, but enjoy it for what it is: a jolly good bit of kit. Oh, and, also brilliantly, because it's a British brand, even an elderly female like myself can understand the Instruction Booklet! Bonus!

Jane C – 8 January 2018