HD Freeview Set Top Box & Media Player

Key Features

  • • Included USB Stick for TV Recording and Multimedia
    • DVB-T and DVB-T2 Freeview Reception
    • SCART and HDMI Compatibility, Accessible TV
    • Record Live or Schedule in Advance
    • Play Video, Music and Picture Files from USB Without Reception


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Dive into over 100 Freeview channels and begin recording your new favourites instantly with the DVB400 Set Top Box + USB Stick. The included USB storage drive ensures you can record TV from the moment you tune-in, and you’ll build a personal library of recorded content to watch offline in no time. The USB also facilitates real-time pause, rewind and catch-up functions on Live TV.

The DVB400 is a box fit for purpose, with DVB-T and DVB-T2 Freeview reception and no internet connection, account set-up or subscription needed. Simply attach an RF in coaxial aerial cable from a rooftop or portable aerial and begin to scan for channels.

August is ever committed to making tech compatible and brand-ambivalent which is why the DVB400 Freeview Recorder has both SCART and HDMI outputs for older and modern systems.

For the Film Critics

The DVB400 outputs full HD audio-visual sensations through HDMI cabled connection and DVB-T2 reception. Give your HD TV the treatment it deserves and enjoy crisp, clean broadcasts on over 100+ Freeview HD channels. See your favourites in a new way today.

For the Binge-Watchers

Record episodes of a series and catch-up all at once with the included 32GB USB stick. Recording in advance or live allows endless rewatching. Schedule recordings right from the EPG up to a week ahead. A library of content stored for playback even when reception drops or you are away from an aerial.

For the Old and New

August manufactures devices that bring out the best of the new and incorporate it into the old. With SCART compatibility you can connect this set-top-box to retro devices. The included HDMI cable provides 1080p HD channels in their best form on modern devices.

For the Technophobes

The DVB400 comes packaged with a memory stick to make set-up and recording simple, so can plug-and-play with all the parts included. Once the USB is filled with your favourite programs you can switch to a new stick, getting more space without having to clean out the recordings!

For the Authenticity

The Coaxial RF in port takes standard aerial cables and connects to your home rooftop or portable aerials. A complete EPG and settings for aspect ratio, resolution, sleep timers, subtitles and more gives you an authentic TV experience with all the features of a full TV set in one sleek box.

In the Box

DVB400 Set Top Box Single Tuner (Power Adapter Attached)
HDMI Cable
USB Memory Stick
Remote Control
User Manual

Tuner R850
Power Input AC100~200V 50/60Hz
Display Modes 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p, 1080i/p
Aspect Ratios 16:9, 4:3
Video Outputs SCART, HDMI
Audio Outputs Digital Coxial
Dimensions 150 x 110 x 41 mm
Weight 254g

Box says 'Boot', but nothing is on my TV screen?
Boot is the standard bootup message, and this is not a concern. Please check that the HDMI/Scart is fully inserted both in the box and your television, and check that the television is on the correct Source.

What USB stick is compatible?
A 32GB NTFS Formatted USB 2.0 Memory Stick is included with this product (DVB400) but any USB 2.0 Stick would work just fine up to 1TB in size

Does this Work In Ireland as well as UK?
The DVB400 Set Top Box works in Ireland and will scan for channels in the same way. Some features like Teletext or channel sorting may be limited.

SCART Output is not working, black screen?
Please ensure you have set the TV and device to CVBS if you cannot see picture with RGB. The SCART connection should appear on one of these two modes.

Can this be used with a PC monitor?
Yes, the DVB400 can be connected to monitors, modern TV's and more. The HDMI port enables this.