USB Freeview TV Receiver & Recorder

Key Features

    • • USB TV Tuner with Aerial Input
      • Freeview HD (DVB-T2) TV Tuner USB Stick
      • Compatible with Windows 11, 10, Vista, 8, 7
      • Simple Installation
      • Real Time or Scheduled Recording and Timeshift
      • Electronic Program Guide and Subtitles


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All the drama, all the latest news and the documentaries that blow your mind are just waiting to be watched! Free-to-Air TV has never been easier to access. Providing everyone a chance to access the vital TV service of Freeview is a mission we have committed to time and time again at August, and the DVB-T210 is the smallest, cheapest way for someone to access HDTV.

The device is a Freeview dongle which inputs to a USB port on PC or laptop, and adds a coaxial digital terrestrial aerial port. This port can accept home aerials or portable ones for any situation. Once plugged in, the included software enables Live TV to be watched straight on your PC, and even recorded or scheduled just like a real TV set or Set Top Box!

HDTV Tuner Miniaturised into a USB

The USB stick is no larger than a standard storage device, but holds the decoder needed to receive and decode Freeview HD Channels from DVB-T2 signals. The USB TV Stick is our most compact TV solution and skips the need for large set-top-boxes. Make the most of HD monitors with this HDTV Tuner!

Compatible and Receptive Design

Care has been taken to ensure the DVB-T210 can be used right across the UK. Included is a basic magnetic portable digital aerial, but the DVB-T210 can use any digital terrestrial aerial. Extend the reach of the USB tuner using a home rooftop aerial or use a high gain portable aerial when camping.

Watch, Record, Repeat, Rewind

The powerful software included allows modern TV features such as a full EPG and 100s of channels live, see channel info and browse at will. Schedule recordings to store your favourites right on to your PC or laptop hard drive. We built in recording for SD or HD so you can adapt to your storage space

Simple One-Time Software Set-Up

Installation is simple, but our customer support team are always available to help if you need. Once the program is installed, we have provided you two ways to watch. You can view TV through the webpage which without an app, or you can use the NextPVR Client to open directly on your computer.

Stress-Free TV and Support

The DVB-T210 is an all-inclusive product. August offers the tuner / decoder, starter aerial and software package all included in product cost. There are no subscriptions or accounts to renew to keep watching. Our goal is to supply HD TV to all, so that’s exactly what we designed the DVB-T210 to do.

Box Contents

  • USB Freeview (HD) TV Receiver
  • Portable Antenna
  • Software Licence Key Code
  • USB 2.0 Cable
  • User Manual
Please be advised that Freeview Reception is affected by various factors such as your proximity to a transmitter, tall buildings, thick walls, ceilings, weather etc. We advise that you connect the TV receiver to a rooftop aerial for the initial channel scan, after saving the channels you can then use the receiver in different locations to test the signal strength. To improve reception, a Portable Aerial with a signal booster may help.
Connectivity USB 2.0
Required CPU 1.4 GHZ or Higher
Required RAM 512 MB or Higher
Required Graphics 32 MB or Higher
Operating Systems Windows 7, 8, Vista, 10, 11
Arial Dimensions 145 x 30 x 30 mm
Freeview Signal DVB-T, DVB-T2
Can This Tuner Be Used With Linux?
While we cannot guarnatee that the DVB-T210 will function, Linux users can find drivers and support online to use the device and have found success in this.

Can the T210 Record HD TV?
The DVB-T210 uses DVB-T2 singals to access full HD channels. It is therefore possible to record that footage provided you use recording settings that capture full 1080p. If you find HD channels are recording in SD, check your recording settings in the software.

Why Can I Not Find Channels?
Please ensure you use a home or powerful aerial for your first Channel Scan in a new country or region. Once the channels have been found this way, you can switch to your portable aerial or amplified aerial of your choice.

Can I take this on Holiday?
The DVB-T210 uses signals that are broadcast across Europe. Your channels will change depending on your location and not all channels are available in all regions. We have seen users use this in Scotland and Bulgaria, for example.

Why Can I Not Install The Software?
Some installations on some operating systems can be blocked by outdated software or anti-virus systems. The drivers for the DVB-T210 need to have permission to make recordings and therefore access files, access network, and more. If you find the USB not connecting or installing consider temporarily disabling your antivirus while you install the stick, or manually giving the device driver updates.