USB Freeview TV Receiver & Recorder

Key Features

  • • USB TV Tuner with standard aerial input
    • Watch TV on your laptop or PC
    • No internet connection needed after set-up
    • TV Aerial for Laptop and PC Provided
    • Recording and Timeshift Functions
    • Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7


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Ensuring everyone can access Live broadcast TV across the world is one of August’s core mission statements. Sometimes, that means making a handheld TV with an inbuilt Freeview Tuner, but they can be expensive. What if we could give customers access to live Freeview TV without needing, well, a TV?

The DVB-T202 is a USB stick compatible with Windows systems which will transform your PC or Laptop into a TV set. Installed with drivers and lifetime software licence from our website, the DVB-T202 provides access to the same 100+ Freeview channels a full TV set would. Plug in the USB to your current laptop and to a standard coaxial aerial (Portable version included) to begin scanning for channels with no Set-Top-Box needed.

Watch live TV or record in advance with access to a full EPG to scroll, browse and select programmes at will. Our manufacturing teams are in direct contact with customer service so that any issues with installation or downloads can be solved quickly. Everyone’s PC is different, but we strive to make sure they can all get the most out of our tech.

Lifetime Software Licence Included

We don’t do things by halves at August, so you can pick up a DVB-T202 today to watch TV tomorrow! Not only do we include a portable aerial in case you don’t have immediate access to one but we also supply a lifetime licence key for NextPVR TV reception and recording. (Please note one device per key)

Freeview That’s Free

With no added software or recording costs and no subscription required for Freeview TV, not to mention the money saved on a Set Top or TV unit, this is Freeview that’s truly free. Watch from a laptop anywhere you choose or get TV in the bedroom via PC without splashing out for a whole new TV set

A TV the Size of a USB Stick

This Freeview Stick doesn’t just decode channels, but provides a full EPG interface and settings menus. Interact with screen settings, recordings, favourite channels, radio and more just like a normal TV

Your Own Personal Library

Record channels to folders with naming conventions that suit the recording. Organise series by episode and movies by title or year. Running our USB TV Tuner via PC or Laptop allows us to implement storage scripts unavailable in Set Top Boxes! Enjoy these options and organise a library of recorded TV

Save Weight in Your Camping Gear

The USB stick is no bugger than a usual storage USB, and light to match. Carry the power to watch Live TV with you in a side pocket, glove compartment, camping bag or just a trouser pocket! Bring an amplified aerial to watch Freeview TV on your laptop while fishing, camping and more

In the Box

DVB-T202 USB TV Tuner
Portable Caoxial Aerial
Software Licence Key
User Manual

Connectivity USB 2.0
Required CPU 1.7 GHZ or Higher
Required RAM 512 MB or Higher
Required Graphics 32 MB or Higher
Operating Sytems Windows XP, 7, 8, Vista, 10, 11
Arial Dimensions 145 x 30 x 30 mm
Freeview Signal DVB-T

Why Can I Not Find Channels?

Please ensure you use a home or powerful aerial for your first Channel Scan in a new country or region. Once the channels have been found this way, you can switch to your portable aerial or amplified aerial of your choice.

Can I take this on Holiday?

The DVB-T202 uses signals that are broadcast across Europe. Your channels will change depending on your locations and not all channels are available in all regions. We have seen users use this in Scotland and Bulgaria, for example.

Why can I Not Install The Software?

Some installations on some operating systems can be blocked by outdated software or anti-virus systems. The drivers for the DVB-T202 need to have permission to make recordings and therefore access files, access network, and more. If you find the USB not connecting or installing consider temporarily disabling your antivirus while you install the stick, or manually giving the device driver updates.

Latest version : NextPVR Installation Package

TV Software & Drivers (Windows 11, 10, 8, 7)

Note: We recommend to disable your antivirus during the installation, otherwise installation may fail

Former version: Total Media


Connect the USB stick to a USB 2.0 port
Temporarily disable your antivirus before installation

For Windows 11,10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

For Windows 11,10, 8, 7, Vista, XP