Wi-Fi Freeview TV Receiver and Transmitter for Smartphones and Tablets

Key Features

    • Wireless Freeview TV Receiver and Transmitter
    • Watch or Record Freeview TV to your Smartphone or Tablet via the August405 App
    • Ultra Compact and Sleek Design
    • Portable and Versatile with built-in Battery
    • Freeview via Wi-Fi Operation Range: 10 metres
    • Supports Android 4.0+ / iOS 5.0+ devices
    • Portable TV Aerial for Digital Freeview and Antenna Adaptor Provided


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Freeview TV Wireless Receiver 

Turn your Smartphone, iPad or Tablet into a TV using the DVB-T405. This device enables you to watch and record Digital TV on your Mobile device. Connect the DVB-T405 to a Portable, Indoor or Rooftop TV Aerial to create a Wireless TV Network. This can be accessed through the Siano TV App on Android and Apple Tablets.

Live TV Recording over Wifi

As soon as you set up the August405 App, you can just simply tap the screen twice to start recording your favourite TV programmes. Watch them back whenever you want. Record to internal storage for constant access to your favourites.

Portable and Versatile

Get signal anywhere using the provided Portable Aerial for use on the go, or link up to your Rooftop Aerial to transmit TV around the house with your Wi-FI network. Gain improved Mobile reception using it with any amplified Portable or Indoor TV Aerial for digital freeview.

Mobile TV Anywhere

A ten metre Wireless Network allows you to watch TV anywhere around your House, from resting in bed whilst watching TV on your Tablet or to when you're preparing or cooking dinner in the Kitchen. The Wi-fi Freeview Box extends and projects Wi-Fi networks for reliable connectivity.

In/Out Ports

  • Antenna In
  • Power In

In The Box

  • DVB-T405
  • Telescopic Antenna
  • Portable Antenna with Magnetic Base
  • Antenna Adaptor
  • USB Charging Cable
Compaibility Android 4.0+ / iOS 5.0+
Broadcast Range 10m
Battery Life 3 hours
Charging Time 2 hours
Dimensions 68 x 42 x 18mm
Do I need to be on a Wi-Fi network to use this?
No, the Wi-Fi connection is twofold. Firstly you need access to Wi-Fi to set up the correct apps and the device itself. However, once that is done the DVB-405 can be used completely out in the wild while camping, fishing, etc. The Wi-Fi device captures Freeview signal and uses Wi-Fi to transfer the data to your devices. It does not use Wi-Fi to find the TV signal, only to give it to you. This means you can access the Wireless TV it broadcasts while being away from any Wi-Fi router or network.

Which TV does it give me? Does it use Apple TV?
Apple TV is an internet/streaming service. This device picks up DVB-T signals which are Freeview broadcast singals. You aren't streaming the shows or apps, you are simply connecting to the same network a Set Top Box or TV does, but anywhere! The Wi-FI aspect is just to transmit the data from the device to your phone, not to get the TV itself. Therefore you will not have Netflix, Apple TV or any other services recieved through the DVB-405.

Why can the DVB-405 not see my phone?
If you can't connect the devices ensure your location is turned on in your device settings/permissions. To accurately tune signal and access transmissions the DVB-405 needs to access your phone in this way.

What devices can I use this on?
You can use it with any Android or Apple device including iPads, Tablets and Chromebooks by downloading the App from their App Stores, you can also use it on Amazon Tablets by downloading the APK installer.