Freeview HD Receiver for DVB-T and DVB-T2

Key Features

  • • Watch TV on Your Smartphone
    • Freeview and Freeview HD Reception
    • USB-C and Micro USB Adapter
    • Add a Coaxial Aerial Port to Mobile, Chromebook, Tablet
    • Record TV to Internal Storage


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For the ultimate space-saving TV solution, turn your phone or tablet in to a fully-functional Live TV and recorder. This unit transforms your Micro-USB or USB-C port in to a coaxial aerial connector. Plug in your home aerial or a powerful portable aerial to receive channels on your mobile.

Watch Live, or record through the free app. Recordings can be stored on your phone’s internal storage for rewatching later. Please note that a different App may be needed for different Live Broadcast services across the world.

Micro USB and USB-C Aerial Adapter

Built for compatibility for phones and tablets old and new, the DVB-T305 is able to convert either a Micro-USB or a USB-C port in to a fully functional coaxial aerial port. This enables use with Android and Chromebooks

100+ Freeview and Freeview HD Channels

The aerial port can accept digital TV aerials for Freeview as well as Freeview HD. This gives access to a huge range of Free-To-Air content. From BBC1 to Kids channels and Freeview Radio! Access the whole range on your phone or tablet at no extra costs

Subscription Free Freeview

Because the DVB-T305 connects your phone to Live TV broadcasts, not internet TV, you can watch completely independently. No subscriptions or online connectivity is needed once the app is first set-up. Enjoy truly free Freeview in your own way

Portable TV; Miniaturised

The entire adapter is only 6 grams, and measures 3 x 3 centimetres! The adapter fits snugly on your USB-C port and is designed to be as thin (Or thinner) than your phone so that you can still put the device in the same bag / pocket you always do for maximum portability and small size

Record Live TV Directly

This TV recorder for mobile phone allows you access your mobile and tablet internal storage and save footage from Live TV in real time! Simply double-tap to record snippets or shows to your storage so you never miss a moment, even out and about on your phone

Receiver DVB-T, DVB-T2, Supports EPG
Receive frequency 48.25 to 863.25 MHz
Bandwidth 1.7/5/6/7/8/10 MHz
Support devices Android Phone and Tablet
System requirement Android OS 4.1 or higher
Antenna input impedance 75 Ohm
Recording Format MPEG2
Dimensions 68x40x17mm
Net Weight 6g
The device is USB-C compatible but comes with a Micro-USB cable?
The DVB-T305 is shipped with a micro-USB to USB-C adapter included! This is to ensure that older phone models can still experience Freeview TV live. You will not need any extra cables or adapters.

Can I Charge My Phone?
Unfortunately the DVB-T305 does not support a Pass-Through function, which means your USB-C or Micro-USB port will be unavailable for a charging cable while using the Freeview Tuner.

Will This Work on a Lenovo Tab?
Provided your device supports a Micro or USB-C connection and can access the PadTV App (For recording TV locally) you can access all the functions of the device. Android is recommended for the smoothest experience. Some Lenovo tablets are Android devices but some are ChromeOS, so check your compatibility.