Dual Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver

Key Features

  • • Bluetooth 5.0 Connection Input and Output
    • Transmit or Receive with the Press of a Button
    • Multipoint Enabled to Connect 2 Devices Simultaneously
    • Cabled Bypass Mode for Instant Audio Transfer
    • Antenna Included Adds Enhanced Wireless Stability


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Featuring the latest Bluetooth version (5+) and Multipoint support, the MR280 is the most advanced permanent Bluetooth adapter we have made. Requiring power to function (Not wireless), the MR280 provides a stable, reliable permanent adapter solution for living room TVs, bedroom radios and office PCs. Set up is easier than ever thanks to the addition of a clear backlit LCD screen.

We have incorporated more in-depth controls that are clearly labelled and displayed on screen to make connecting your devices and juggling between Transmit and Receive a breeze.

Our First Dual-Mode Bluetooth Hub

Combining elements of our fantastic aerial engineering pedigree with our experience of Bluetooth audio thanks to our best-selling headphones, we have created an adapter that is as adaptable as it is stable. Transmit Bluetooth audio or receive it from the same adapter at the press of a button

Expanded Input and Output Options

In addition to upgrading the Bluetooth connections, the MR280 also received extra attention to the cable inputs and outputs. Receive audio and output via RCA, Optical Cable or 3.5mm Audio Jack. In addition, transmit audio from any of those sources

New Cabled Bypass Mode

Brand new for the MR280, August is happy to include a cabled bypass mode. This mode allows lossless transfer of audio through the compatible cables. We added this to allow AUX or Optical inputs and outputs to create a compatible set-up between two devices without the need for any additional adapters

Multipoint and Strengthened Bluetooth

To further reinforce your Bluetooth power and make the most of your devices the MR280 features both multipoint, and an attachable antenna. Multipoint allows users to connect two devices simultaneously while the antenna increases Bluetooth strength and range. Combining these features creates a robust Bluetooth network

Intuitive Controls, Accessible Audio

August’s design philosophy encourages use of all the features of your devices, without locking them behind complex set-up. By facilitating a wide range of cable inputs and outputs, as well as easy button / dial controls displayed clearly on LCD, the MR280 makes wireless tech simple

In The Box

MR280 Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver
3.5mm Aux Cable
3.5mm to RCA Cable
Optical Audio Toslink Cable
USB Charging Cable
User Manual
Bluetooth Version  V 5.0
Bluetooth Range  10m 
Multipoint  Yes
Charging Type USB-C
Cable Length 83cm
Dimension  71x51x14.7mm
Weight  50.7g
1. The MR280 does not turn on
- Check the connection
- Try connecting to an AC adapter (such as a phone charger)
- Press the On button
2. The MR280 does not recognise my device
- Check that the MR280 is in the correct mode (transmitter or receiver)
- Check that the MR280 is not already connected to 2 other devices
- Check that your external device is not already connected via Bluetooth to another device
- Check that your external device and the MR280 are within 10 meters of each other
- Press the "Arrow Loop" button to refresh the search
3. There is interference in the connection
Avoid placing the MR280 next to your internet box
In case of any other difficulty, please contact the after-sales service. A reply will be given very quickly.