Portable DAB/DAB+/FM Alarm Clock Radio (Red)

Key Features

  • • Small Retro DAB Radio for Travel or Bedside Tables
    • Clock Radio with Alarm for Two Separate Times
    • Travel with UK Radio or Abroad with DAB and FM Reception
    • Inbuilt Telescopic Aerial and Digital Scanning Features
    • AUX port for Headphones or External Speaker Upgrade

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Manufacturing Aerials for so long gave us at August an insight into radio technology, and the MB225 is our best-selling pocket DAB radio as a result. Featuring a fully rotatable telescopic aerial for both DAB and FM Radio Stations across UK radio and beyond, the MB225 is made for travelling just as much as a bedside alarm clock radio!

DAB Digital Radio offers a stable, packaged experience for the best in modern reception while FM radio is still included for the local and national stations that haven’t made the switch. The MB225 is everything a portable digital travel alarm clock radio should be and nothing more, a refined and compact bit of kit we are proud to have made.

A dab of DAB and flourish of FM

The telescopic aerial receives DAB, DAB+ and FM signals so you can access over 100 stations in the UK and beyond. Tune manually or browse a named list of presets and favourites. We wanted to offer you the stations you want, when you want, and the physical quick-recall buttons are a testament to this

Beside the Bedside or Beside the Seaside

The MB225 features a dual alarm clock so it can store two separate alarms at once. Have a weekend and weekday alarm set up to introduce the weekend with different music or radio stations so you hear your favourite presenters or tunes. The small size means you can use your portable DAB radio anywhere

Rechargeable Radio with Minimal Downtime

An internal battery was chosen to keep the device enclosed and compact. The provided charging cable recharges the radio in under 2 hours. The battery will last up to 20 hours dependent on volume and playback method (Speakers, headphones). This charge-use ratio is suitable for daily use with no fuss

Retro Look, Modern Features

While the colours pop in a retro style, underneath there are all the trappings of a modern digital radio. 2 Alarms, backlight adjustment of 3 brightness levels and pruning. Pruning removes low-reception signals from your station list which makes finding your new favourites even easier and more fun

A Radio for Any Routine

Once you’ve set your dual-alarm, saved your favourite stations and adjusted the backlight there’s one thing left to do. Tune in and enjoy! The built-in speakers can easily fill an interior space but as a site radio you can connect speakers via AUX, and for private listening you can use headphones

In The Box

MB225 DAB and DM Radio
USB Charging Cable
User Manual

Signal Access DAB, DAB+, FM PLL
DAB Frequencies 174-240MHz
FM Frequencies 87.5-108MHz
Antenna Length 45cm
Working Time Up to 25 hours
Charging Time About 3.5 hours
Dimensions 136x32x72mm
Weight 251g
Is This Radio Loud?
The MB225 is able to play music loud enough to listen well in a bedroom from a beside table, at a desk, or in any other medium-sized room. It will not fill a large open space with sound, but this keeps sound quality crystal clear.

How Do I Change Volume?
The central dial is a multi-purpose button for navigation and volume. The volume of your alarms (Buzzer, Fm, or DAB) is set when you create the alarm.

Is There A Charging Indicator?
There is! The top right-hand corner will display a battery image, next to the time. This wll show the state of the battery, even when charging.

Will This Connect To A Hi-Fi?
The only connector available for the MB225 is the Standard Audio Jack. Your headphones and individual speakers can connect to this. If you have a speaker or Hi-Fi system that can be connected only through 3.5mm then this will work, too.

Is There A Remote Control?
Unfortunately there is not a remote control option for this specific August Radio. You may be interested in the MB300 as that Radio/MP3 device is controlled with the included remote.