Laptop Bag Oxford Fabric for Portable TVs DA100 / DA900

Key Features

  • • Versatile TV or Laptop Bag for Women and Men
    • Simple Black Oxford Fabric is Study and Light
    • Compact 13 Inch Case for Laptops, Tablets, TV, Accessories
    • Shoulder Strap for Greater Comfort and Weight Distribution
    • Secure Zip Both Main Pocket and Front Pocket


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The BAG100 started life as a DA100 and DA900 carry case, featuring in a travel bundle with the TV and the ADP100 car power adapter. The bag is deliberately light and pliable so you can zip it up with the small TV’s inside and still fit it in a car boot or carry alongside a camping kit.
Over time, the lightweight design, oxford fabric and abundance of secure space made the BAG100 popular as a laptop and tablet bag, too! Whether a professional ladies laptop bag or a Lenovo tablet case, the BAG100 is versatile enough for any device up to 13 inches.

Travel bag for Portable TVs

Protect your TV, laptop or tablet in motion with the interior padding of the BAG100. Originally designed as a TV bag for moving the DA100D and DA900D, but the carry case is compatible with other devices. The total measurements can hold a device as large as 12 inches, or 11 inches comfortably. Keep your accessories with you while travelling or heading on a commute thanks to pocket space.
The largest screens that can fit the BAG100 are 13 inches while devices as small as 9 inches can be safely stored and carried inside thanks to the material and zipped pocket. Devices like Lenovo and Dell as well as August TV’s like DA100 and DA900 all fit inside securely

Wide Shoulder Strap

The shoulder straps of the BAG100 distribute weight over a large area so you can commute or travel without any stress or discomfort. Take your portable TV, full of your favourite shows, to holiday homes and trips abroad so that you have something localised to watch. The bag is attached to a wide shoulder strap which can be used to ease the burden of even the heaviest laptops or portable monitors. This portable monitor bag distributes the weight and gives you the freedom and confidence to travel

Secure Zipped Sections

The BAG100 storage sections both use zips for maximum security while maintaining ease-of-use. The front section can hold cables, batteries and other accessories while the main section has ample space for your screened devices

Bundles Available

Through our local UK and European retailer Daffodil you can pick up a DA100 or DA900 with an ADP100 car power adapter and this BAG100 carry bag all in one go! The bundle solves your travel entertainment on road trips, caravan holidays and hotel stays