August External USB Video Capture Adaptor

Key Features

  • • Mac OS 10.12+ & Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 Compatible
    • VCR to Digital Converter for Mac and Windows
    • Save VHS Tapes to PC
    • Connect to Camcorders
    • Create DVD Copies
    • Record and Stream Gameplay
    • Includes SCART to RCA adaptor


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Record from Analogue Devices

Transfer Videos from VHS and Camcorders straight to your PC/Mac Hard Drive. The August VGB300 Video Capture Card is the simple solution for digitising your old analogue Videos. Turn VHS Tapes into MPEG's to preserve your memories. To transfer files from VCR's, DVD Players, Set-Top Boxes, and Camcorders simply connect them via the RGB or S-Video Inputs and use the straightforward software to create Digital Video in your choice of format. A SCART to RCA adpater is included to ensure you can connect your device.

Simple to Use

To transfer your files from VHS, DVD Players, Camcorders etc, simply connect them via their Composite or S-Video Outputs into the VGB300's Inputs, and use the straightforward software to create a modern, Digital Video in your choice of format. You can also create Audio and Digital stills alongside Digital Video Capture.

Share with Friends

Easily share memories through platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, stream them to your Smart TV, and create edited Highlight Reels with the software. 

Create DVD Copies

The VGB300 is a VCR to PC converter, and digitises VCR media. Then the digital file can be burnt onto a DVD. Easily burn your Videos to DVD and watch back on your TV, as well as send to friends and family, using the included software converter and burner.

Record and Stream Retro Gameplay

Connect to Xbox 360, PS3, and Game Cubes to Record, or even Livestream, Game Play footage from Consoles with SD Video Out. Preserve videogame history in an accesbile digital recording.

Box Contents

  • VGB300
  • USB Cable
  • Scart Adaptor
  • User Guide
Systems Requirements:
Operating System Mac OS 10.12+, Windows 10 / 8 
CPU Intel Pentium 4 or higher
RAM 256MB of RAM 
Graphics Card 512Mb or higher
Free Hard Drive Space 1GB hard disk space for program installation, 4GB or above hard disk space for video capture and editing
Additional Requirements Microsoft DirectX 9.0+ / Sound Card / USB 2.0 port / Original Camcorder Connection Cables
Output Formats FLV / MP4 / MOV / MKV / TS etc.
Compatible Systems PAL / NTSC
OBS doesn't record/stream sound?
Make sure OBS itself has the device registered as "Use Custom Audio Device"

Windows Update breaks VGB300?
If you find functions limited after a windows update find the device in your device manager. Uninstall "AV to USB2.0" and "AV to USB2.0 Mic". These are the video and sound components of the device. Once uninstalled reinsert the USB to begin installing on your current build of Windows

Where are the downloads?
Downloads for our products are at the tab at the top of the page, but the VGB300 will install drivers when it is plugged in. You may need other software for specific features, like OBS Studio.

Can I record Audio?
The VGB300 will record audio, but it will also capture video simultaneously. You can use most audio-visual editing software to seperate the audio track from the visual if you need to afterwards.

What is the difference between the VGB350 and VGB300, and VGB100!?
The VGB300 is Mac and Windows compatible, and runs through OBS + it's own drivers. The VGB350 is WIndows compatible and it runs off of its own software you can redeem from our website with a code we provide in the box. The VGB100 is only Windows compatible and needs downloads from our site, and driver set-up wizards for an older verison of our software. You can view a comparisson table on any of these products on Amazon through the link above.