Digital TV Antenna

Key Features

  • • High Gain Freeview Digital TV Aerial
    • DAB Radio Portable Aerial
    • Standard Coaxial Antenna Cable 2m Connection
    • Magnetic Base - TV Antenna used Indoor/Outdoor
    • Compact Size for Portability - Car/Truck TV Aerial


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Amazon #1 Freeview and DAB Digital Antenna

The DTA240 is a Digital TV Antenna created by August International, Portable Digital Television specialists. With a Standard Coaxial Connection it can be easily used with almost any Portable or Living Room Television set. Capable of receiving frequencies of VHF 174-230MHz and UHF 470-860MHz, the DTA240 is ideal for both Freeview and DAB Broadcasting.

Magnetic Base

Use the Magnetic Base of the Aerial to attach to metal surfaces. This is an effective way to boost signal strength. From a metal poster to a fridge to a biscuit tin or even just a Metal Rule!

Portable Digital Aerial DTTV and DAB

Small, compact and lightweight, it is perfect for Portable TVs and USB DTV tuners. It can be easily carried in your Laptop Bag or TV Case without worrying about extra weight or space. Move it around your House, or take it to your Caravan, Boat, Car, Van, or Lorry.

Box Contents

  • DTA240 Aerial
Please Note: DTV Reception is dependent upon environmental factors. We cannot guarantee Reception in all conditions. For more information, please consult the Digital Television website.
Signal Scan VHF 174-230MHZ,UHF 470-862MHZ;
Gain 3dBi
Antenna Height 135
Antenna Connector Standard Coaxial
Cable Length 2m
Magnet Diameter 60x10mm
Dimensions 68x68x140mm
Weight 232g
What is High-Gain?
High Gain Aerials have a different search pattern to standard aerials. A high gain antenna will search further and with more direction than a basic aerial. So, readjust and reorient your High Gain aerial and you will find a direction that provides signal far further away than a standard omnidirectional aerial. A High Gain omnidirectional aerial combines both features to scan for channels in a wider range and provide you TV even in remote locations.

Why can I not see channels?
Please ensure you rescan/retune your source device when you connect our aerial. Please place the device near a window or roof, away from electronic interference and attached to a magnetic object of decent size (A biscuit tin will do!). Please also orient the aerial around you and attach it in a way that faces the particular direction that signal is strongest.

How do I power the Aerial?
The DTA240 is connected to the source device and needs no further power. It will work straight out of the box with no recharging. For powered, amplified Aerials please see the DTA425 and DTA300 devices.

Does this work with a 4K TV?
The DTA240 will give Freeview signal to any TV with a standard coaxial aerial cable. If your TV supports 4K the DTA240 will deliver crisp 4K signal to the device and allow you to maximise its potential.