Smart Air Mouse TV Remote with Full Wireless Keyboard

Key Features

  • • 3-in-1 Air Mouse, Remote Keyboard, and Button Pad
    • Universally Compatible with USB Devices, just plug and play
    • Present PowerPoint, Prezi and more with full access to a keyboard even wirelessly with no assistant
    • Radio Frequency Range 10 + Meters with no line of sight
    • Ergonomic and comfortable design for swift, efficient control over apps, TV, games and more


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The PCR500 is an all-in-one solution for Smart TV, remote computer / laptop control and incredibly in-depth multimedia presentations. Offering direct control of the mouse via the Air Mouse tech as well as direct control of the keyboard via the full QWERTY keyboard, the PCR500 is like you’re sitting at your desk, from up to 15 meters away!

Streamline your routine with easy controls, the ability to use search boxes and browse the web remotely and more. If you are presenting, make your presentation bold and unique as you aren’t hampered or held back by technology.

Find the shows you want in moments, or give the show you want with confidence!

How Does an Air Mouse Work?

The PCR500 uses a gyroscope to detect motions and gestures, providing you direct control over your mouse or other cursor. From Windows PC to Android TV boxes, compatible cursors can be controlled freely for advanced inputs and controls

Radio Frequency Receiver Dongle

The USB dongle included is pre-paired via Radio Frequency to your remote. This means no pairing process of networks are needed as the two communicate directly. No Bluetooth or Wifi required. Just plug the RF dongle in to a USB port and take control!

Increased Stability and Range

The universal smart TV remote operates on Radio Frequencies which are less likely to be interfered with by Bluetooth, Wifi and phone networks. This stability is exemplified by the increased range of up to 15-20 meters compared to Bluetooth’s 10-meter range. Also, the RF receiver works without line of sight

Full QWERTY Keyboard Attached

This wireless keyboard and mouse combo features a QWERTY keyboard for typing in to search boxes, documents, form fields and more all in real time without needing your desk. Easily log in to accounts, interact with apps and even play streamed games on your Smart TV all from your remote control

Replaceable Batteries

Keeping the remote working is cheap and cheerful via standard battery input. Keep your remote ready without having to wait for recharge and anchoring it to a socket! Just replace the batteries with your chosen brand when needed


  • PCR500
  • User Guide
  • AAA Batteries
  • USB RF Receiver
RF Carrier Frequency 2.4Ghz
Range Up to 10m
RF Dongle Connection USB
Battery 2 x AAA
Dimensions 171 × 54 × 16 mm
Weight 98g
Is this a Universal Remote?
Yes, but not an IR remote. The PCR500 is compatible with its USB Receiver Dongle. This gives it control over any USB device with the air mouse, keyboard and button pad. It is not an IR Universal Remote and so does not need to have a device code / programming. You just plug and play with Universal USB Compatibility.

Can it control Windows 10 (Or 11, 8, 7 etc)?
The USB Connection makes sure that almost all windows and other PC / Laptop devices are compatible. Once in the USB slot the remote gives access to your mouse and keyboard just like normal.
Please Note: The keyboard on the PCR500 is condensed and does not contain every symbol or function key from a full-sized QWERTY. It contains the alphabet, spacebar and arrow keys, with numbers and common symbols accessible via Shift

How Do I Connect My Remote?
No need for product codes or pairing. The RF Receiver is tuned to the remote. Simply plug the USB Dongle into the device you wish to control, ensure the PCR500 has batteries, and that you are within range.