Wireless Air Mouse Laser Pointer with Smart Hotkeys

Key Features

  • • Full Cursor Control via Air Mouse
    • Right Click, Left Click, ALT+TAB and More Hotkeys
    • Red Laser pointer Up To 100m
    • Rechargeable Battery and RF USB Receiver
    • Plug and Play No Downloads for Windows and Mac


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Make presenting fun with the LP310, a laser pointer and wireless mouse which lets you perform your presentation just how you want, unrestricted by surfaces and desks or needing assistants. Reduce stress by having an all-in-one solution that allows for truly multimedia presentations and even live navigation of webpages, apps and your desktop.
Plug in to a USB-A port and control the PC immediately via RF Receiver without the need for Bluetooth or Wifi networks or any proprietary software. A fabulous leatherette case is included which provides a safe, convenient storage solution on the go or in a desk drawer.

Wave Your Hands with Meaning

Air Mouse technology allows direct control of your PC cursor like a wireless mouse, however an air mouse works using gestures and gyroscopes. This makes your gestures and physical presentation tie together to make a smooth and 100% remote presentation with advanced navigation and app usage made easy

Present with Confidence and Creativity

Having access to your whole PC expands your creative potential for presentations. To fully interact with these new possibilities the LP310 features 2 sets of hotkeys; one set for when using the air mouse and the other for general controls. These allow easy control of PowerPoints or PDFs and Prezis

Join the Radio Frequency Revolution

Simply slot the RF Receiver into a spare USB Port, and the device will install itself in seconds without an install wizard. Effective from up to 30m, this Wireless Presenter does not need direct line of sight to control your presentation, leaving you free to present without an assistant.

Powered by the included LR44 batteries, it comes with its own Leatherette Carry Case with space for spare Batteries and USB Memory Cards. Take on trips to conferences, board meetings, expos and conventions and bring an air of professionalism with you.

A Light in the Dark

The laser pointer built in to the end of the LP310 allows you to quickly and efficiently divert audience attention to the screen, which can enhance engagement while giving your speech more structure and break-points. The laser is visible up to 100m for even the largest lecture and conference halls

Rechargeable Internal Battery

With daily use by teachers or lecturers the time per charge is one week, but a less intense usage could last up to 20 days! Either way, the battery recharges with the included cable in 45 minutes so you never have to present without your presentation clicker, especially with the included carry case!

Safety Warning:

  • The Laser Pointer is not a toy and should not to be used by anyone under 21
  • It is illegal to direct the beam at any flying objects, moving vehicles, and any public or private structures
  • A Laser Pointer should not be directed at people or animals
  • A Laser Pointer can be dangerous if not used properly
Control Operation Range 30m
Laser Pointer Range Up to 100m
Compatibility Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Mac and Linux Operating Systems
Unique Buttons Air-Mouse Technology
Working Time 20 Hours
Charging Time 45 Minutes
Dimensions 125 x 22 x 13 mm
Weight 40g
Carry Case Yes
What is an Air Mouse?
Air Mouse technology allows your LP310 to control the cursor on your PC without needing to go over to the desk during a presentation. Using gestures while holding the Air Mouse button (Or enabling Air Mouse mode with a toggle) allows you to move your presentation clicker to move your cursor. This affords you far more flexibility than a standard presentation pointer and is not PowerPoint dependent.

Can the buttons be rebound?
The presentation tool comes equipped with convenient bindings to Plug and Play, and does not natively support rebinding

Will this work on Mac?
The LP range of devices all use a standard USB connection receiver for their inputs. Therefore, any device with a USB slot that can access the automatic driver updates is compatible. Windows, Mac and Linux for example can all use the LP range.

Why is the range/colour lower than before?
The connection range and laser pointer intensity will naturally begin to degrade towards the end of the battery's use. Replace the battery once every couple of months, and make sure you remove the battery entirely if the LP device will not be used for more than 2 months.

Can you clip this to you?
The LP range do not have clips and attachments directly on the devices to save weight and make them easier to hold in the most comfortable way. They do, however, come with a free, small carry case. This can be easily incorperated into a belt or fastened/clipped in the way you choose.