Wireless Presentation Laser Pointer - Black

Key Features

  • • Plug and Play Laser Pointer USB Receiver
    • Dedicated Slide Controls and PowerPoint Short-Cut Keys like ALT-TAB
    • Includes Convenient Carry Case with Spare Net Pocket
    • Compact and Lightweight Presentation Clicker (19 Grams)
    • Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS & Linux


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“I’m afraid we’re experiencing some technical difficulties” has been the bane of many a presentation over the years. From files not opening to apps not switching and controls disconnecting, there are a whole host of challenges to face beyond the act of presenting in itself.

August made the LP range, and the LP200 specifically, to combat these occurrences. Our laser Pointer PowerPoint clickers all connect via RF Dongles. Radio Frequency USB dongles allow more stable connections at longer distances to make sure you are in control.

Included with this, our smallest and simplest remote, is a handy leatherette case for travel and storing accessories. Be ready to present, whether you were expecting to or not!

Widely Compatible PowerPoint Clicker

Whether you’re upgraded to Windows 11 or faithful to the good old Windows 7, the LP200 can connect to your system in moments. This design facilitates stress reduction when moving office, or running a brainstorm in a hired meeting room without worrying about which PC or Laptop you present from

Minimal Disconnects and “Technical Difficulties”

Using an RF Receiver USB Dongle (Which hides beautifully in the device itself) ensures a direct, tailored connection between your remote and your presentation. Move further across the stage or interact with meetings on a whole new level. Engineered frequencies for minimal Bluetooth or Wifi interference!

An Elegant Tool, For a More Civilised Presentation

The light weight is reflected in the simple, subtle design that lets you set your own tone. Wave the thing about wildly or grasp it in just your palm, never to be seen. The USB remote PowerPoint Clicker facilitates your vision. The choice is yours with either a black or white colour option

Control Your Audience’s Focus

You might not be getting a cat to chase the laser pointer, but your audience will pounce on what you highlight all the same! Direct attention with skill and swift motions from the tiny presentation remote. The laser is red, and effective up to 100 meters away for even the largest lecture halls

Carry Yourself (And Your Gadgets) With Confidence

The LP range feature a leatherette carry case which can hold the pointer itself as well as accessories such as spare batteries (where applicable), the RF receiver USB and pens, paper or other presentation aids

In The Box

LP200 Mini Laser Pointer Presenter
Leatherette Carry Case
RF Receiver (Stored inside the LP200)
Circular Battery
User Manual

Safety Notices

Do not direct the laser pointer at humans, animals, buildings or vehicles.
Do not direct the laser pointer upwards in to open sky.
Keep out of reach of children.

Control Operation Range 15m
Laser Pointer Range Up to 100m
Compatibility Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Mac and Linux Operating Systems
Unique Buttons ALT-TAB Button
Working Time CR2032 Battery - On Average Up to
2 Months with 5-day-a-week Use
Charging Time N/A
Dimensions 102 x 30 x 9 mm
Weight 19g
Carry Case Yes
Can the buttons be rebound?
The presentation tool comes equipped with convenient bindings to Plug and Play, and does not natively support rebinding

Will this work on Mac?
The LP range of devices all use a standard USB connection receiver for their inputs. Therefore, any device with a USB slot that can access the automatic driver updates is compatible. Windows, Mac and Linux for example can all use the LP range.

Why is the range/colour lower than before?
The connection range and laser pointer intensity will naturally begin to degrade towards the end of the battery's use. Replace the battery once every couple of months, and make sure you remove the battery entirely if the LP device will not be used for more than 2 months.

Can you clip this to you?
The LP range do not have clips and attachments directly on the devices to save weight and make them easier to hold in the most comfortable way. They do, however, come with a free, small carry case. This can be easily incorperated into a belt or fastened/clipped in the way you choose.