Powerful Indoor TV Aerial - Black

Key Features

  • • 4K reception of Digital HDTV
    • Freeview, DAB, FM and Freeview HD TV Aerial
    • Average Gain Indoor/Outdoor Digital Antenna
    • Portable Radio and Car/Truck TV Aerial
    • Standard Coaxial Antenna Cable 5m


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Portable TV Aerial

With its simple, neutral shape and matte black colour, the aerial is perfect for TVs and freeview boxes in a home setting. When you need, easily transport it or move it without worrying about size and weight. It remains discreet, whether it is next to your TV or on a bedside table. A telescopic and extendable antenna is placed on the bottom of the aerial to enable you enjoy your favorite shows and movies with a crystal clear picture.

Ideal Freeview Frequencies

This August aerial receives VHF (170-230MHz) and UHF (470-869MHz) frequencies which is ideal for DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DAB broadcasting. With a very high gain of 8 dBi without having to use a power outlet, this indoor antenna delivers the best quality transmission for an unpowered aerial.
We recommend to use this antenna within a range of 50 km from your nearest transmitter

Box Contents

  • DTA600 Antenna Unit
  • Wall Mounting Options
  • Temporary Mount Options

Please note:

Reception also depends on the distance to the regional transmitter. Very thick walls, neon lights and energy-consuming electrical appliances (fridge, oven, air-conditioning, etc.) can reduce the capacity of the aerial.
We recommend searching for channels with a rooftop aerial and then use this small aerial.
On some TVs or Set top box, an integrated aerial booster can be turned on.
Signal Scan VHF 170-230MHZ,UHF 470-860MHZ;
Gain 8dBi
Antenna Height 256mm
Antenna Connector Standard Coaxial
Cable Length 5m
Dimensions 105 x 52.6 x 253mm
Weight 300g
How do I turn it on?
The DTA600 is an unpowered aerial that uses only the standard coaxial aerial cable to connect. Once plugged into the aerial port on a TV the DTA600 is active. Use the connected device (TV, Set-Top-Box, etc) to scan for channels and use the aerial.

Does this work with 4K TV?
The DTA600 does support 4K signal! No extra steps are required, simply connect via coaxial aerial cable to a 4K ready TV.

Why can I not see channels?
Your TV or Freeview Box still needs to scan, with the DTA600 connected. Once you have run a channel scan you should be able to move the DTA600 to achieve the best results. To acheieve best reception place the DTA600 near a window or rooftop, away from electroinc interference sources.