Mini Digital TV Antenna for Freeview TV and DAB Radio

Key Features

  • • Freeview TV Aerial Indoor/Outdoor
    • Portable DAB Radio Antenna
    • Pasteable Base - Perfect Truck TV Aerial
    • Compact and Lightweight
    • Standard Coaxial Antenna Cable 2m


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Mini Digital Antenna

Tthe DTA220 is a Mini Digital Antenna created by August International, Portable Digital Television specialists. With a Standard Coaxial Connection, it is ideal for use with Portable TVs, and Radios while still being useable in rooms at home that do not have an aerial port.

Freeview and DAB Signal

Capable of receiving frequencies of VHF 174-230MHz and UHF 470-862MHz, the DTA220 is ideal for both DVB-T and DAB Radio Broadcasting.

Pasteable Base

The DTA220 features a Pasteable Base. This allows you to mount the Aerial on surfaces, such as Windows or skylights, to help boost Signal.

Box Contents

  • DTA220 Aerial

Please Note: Freeview Reception is dependent upon Environmental Factors. Signal cannot be guaranteed in all conditions. We have a 30-Day Return Policy on all new items in order for you to test the suitability in your area.
Signal Scan VHF 170-230MHZ,UHF 470-860MHZ;
Gain ~ 1.5dBi
Antenna Height 115mm
Antenna Connector Standard Coaxial
Cable Length 2m
Dimensions 30x30x180mm
Weight 52g
Not receiving any channels?
Make sure the aerial cable is fully connected to your TV, and perform a channel scan. If no channels appear, move the aerial to a better location by window or roof and rescan for channels. Make sure to re-scan for channels whenever you change region.

For best results place away from interfering electronics and near a window or roof, and that the antenna are fully extended. You may need to reorient the device to find signal.

How do I attach the Aerial outside?
The DTA220 is not magnetic like some of our other aerials, instead it uses a pasteable seal on the base. You can affix it to surfaces that aren't only magnetic. This means it can be placed on car dashboards or a camping box, for example.

How do I power the Aerial?
The DTA220 is connected to the source device and needs no further power. It will work straight out of the box with no recharging. For powered, amplified Aerials please see the DTA425 and the DTA300 devices

Does this work with a 4K TV?
The DTA220 will give Freeview signal to any TV with a standard coaxial aerial cable. However, it will not give 4K TV signal. You will be able to watch TV but it will not be using the 4K feature. For a 4K aerial please purchase the DTA240DTA450 or the DTA600 and enjoy your 4K TV through compact, stylish aerials.