DTA455 | Digital TV Antenna Large High Gain TV Aerial for Freeview HD

Key Features

  • • Larger Antenna Plate for High Gain Reception
    • Same Slim Design Ensures You Can Hide Behind TV / Curtains
    • Standing Feet Mount or Sticky Pad Wall-Safe Mounting
    • Standard Coaxial TV Aerial Connector 3m Length
    • 50km Range High Gain TV Aerial


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The DTA455 is our largest flat aerial, with a total area of 759 square cm! The aerial is 33 x 23cm but retains the same thin design of our other flat aerials. This provides more reception and coverage while still enabling the antenna to be hidden behind your TV.
The aerial can stand freely or be wall mounted, increasing the adaptability and versatility even further. The DTA455 is the new standard for flat aerial design from August.

Versatile Placement Options Indoors

The DTA455 allows you to set up an indoor TV aerial in whichever room you might need. The feet can be clipped on to the flat antenna so that it can stand upright on tables or shelves. You can also use the included sticky pads to safely attach the aerial to a wall or window for maximum reception

Built for HD Reception

The larger size and innate 5dBi high gain help you receive the full range of 100+ Freeview and Freeview HD channels across the UK, and other services like Saorview, TNT and DVBT across the world. The aerial is compatible with 4K TVs and 1080p HD

Insulated Coaxial Cable

The TV Aerial Connector included is a coaxial cable 3m long. This cable is designed for TV signals and has insulation to stop interference from other nearby cables. The aerial is given a 3m cable to allow you to fully utilise the wall mounting features both at home and while in campervans / caravans

Unpowered Simple Set Up

August’s mission to bring everyone access to TV includes making aerials that achieve higher reception without the prerequisite of a power source. Setting up is as easy as connecting the coaxial cable and putting the aerial on a stand! One cable connection is all you need

50km Signal Reception Range

The DTA455 utilises the larger size and gain to receive signals from transmitters 50km+ away. Please be aware that factors such as hills, dense buildings, thick walls and weather conditions can all lower signal strength while height and access to a window may improve it

Frequency Ranges

VHF 170 - 230 MHZ

UHF 470 - 862 MHZ

Antenna Gain

5.0 dBi





Cable Length

3 Metres

Mounting Options

2 x 3M Stick Pads

1 x Base Bracket


330 x 235 mm

Which Way Should I Position the Aerial?

The aerial should be positioned “facing” (The flat plate perpendicular) the nearest TV tower. This can be identified by looking at nearby aerials, or online via a map.

Are There Instructions?

The aerial has a few simple components and a single cable output for the TV signal. If you require extra assistance, please contact our team

Can I Use This Abroad?

The DTA455 receives DVB-T and DVB-T2 signals. In the UK these are decoded as Freeview and Freeview HD while elsewhere they may have a different name (Saorview, TNT, etc). If the broadcast is on a DVB-T or DVB-T2, you can receive it