Freeview HD Digital TV Aerial

Key Features

  • • HD Digital TV Aerial + DAB Aerial
    • High Gain DAB Antenna
    • High Gain Freeview and Freeview HD
    • Lightweight and Portable - Antenna TV Indoor/Outdoor
    • Standard Coaxial Antenna Cable 3m Connection


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High Gain Digital TV Aerial

The DTA420 Aerial delivers both Freeview and Freeview HD TV. Used indoors, it can be placed anywhere in your House to pick up a focused, strong signal even in rooms with no aerial port. It can also pick up DAB and FM Radio Signal.

Portable Antenna

The Aerial is compact, meaning it can be easily repositioned around your Living Room or Bedroom to pick up the best Signal. It can also be taken on trips for use with Portable TVs.

Standard Coaxial Connection

The DTA features a Standard Coaxial Cable, meaning it can be used with standard TVs.

Box Contents

  • DTA420 Aerial
Please Note: Freeview Reception depends on Environmental Factors. We cannot guarantee Reception in all Locations, and have a 30-Day Refund Policy if necessary.
Signal Scan VHF 170-230MHZ,UHF 470-860MHZ;
Gain 5dBi
Antenna Height N/A, Omnidirectional
Antenna Connector Standard Coaxial
Cable Length 3m
Dimensions 274x75x12mm
Weight 57g
How can I attach the aerial?
The included removable support on the rear of the device is best suited for glass and windows, and other smooth surfaces. The DTA420 is Omnidirectional and so it matters less how specifically you orient the aerial. Attach it wherever looks best and is least intrusive!

How can I get better signal?
The DTA420 is omnidirectional so there are less factors to consider. Make sure the aerial cable is connected properly at both ends, and move the DTA420 to near a window or roof away from interfering electronics. If problems persist you may need an Amplified/Boosted version as your geographical area may have weak signal. View the DTA300 for example.

How do I charge the aerial?
The DTA420 is not a boosted or powered aerial and will work solely with the coaxial antenna cable provided. For powered, amplified Aerials please see the DTA425 and DTA300 devices.