HD Freeview Set Top Box & Media Player

Key Features

  • • Decode DVB-T2 signals in to crisp, HD Freeview Channels
    • Schedule to Record TV in Advance, or in Real Time
    • Timeshift Live TV to Rewind, Pause, Catch-Up
    • Multimedia Centre Compatibility with USB
    • HDMI and SCART Compatible TV Box


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The DVB415 Set Top Box was built to simplify the Freeview process. Simply connect an aerial to the RF IN port and connect either HDMI or SCART to begin scanning for channels on your TV / monitor. The clearly labelled front USB port and on-device buttons for channels and power are all elements we added for accessibility and ease-of-use.

Manufactured with a dual DVB-T and DVB-T2 tuner, the DVB415 can receive Freeview and Freeview HD channels as well as Freeview Radio stations. TV is displayed in crisp 1080p and provides an authentic experience.

The hardware is simple, compact, and sleek. The software allows recording, Timeshift and multimedia playback all through your NTFS format USB sticks.

Watch Freeview HD Channels

This Set Top Box focuses on the most important thing: Live TV. Engineered with both a DVB-T and DVB-T2 decoder, this TV box gives access to BBC 1 HD on Freeview, ITV HD channels and countless more. The 1080p output looks best through the included HDMI cable, compatible with modern TV’s.

Freeview Recorder Box

The built-in software allows you to enjoy Freeview that records. Using a USB stick you can store a personal library of recorded content from Live TV. With a quick-access recording button on the remote and a full EPG to schedule recording through, we made this box with quick recordings in mind.

Pause Live TV

Timeshift features are enabled through a storage device (To facilitate the function). Timeshift is accessible from the remote and can be enabled or configured to preference. This can help save storage space from being used for Timeshift if you’d rather save it for scheduled recording! Offering this option and configuration was an important part of developing the pause and rewind functions for Live TV.

Multimedia Player

Creating a home entertainment box encouraged us to engineer auxiliary features. By using a USB stick, you can play your own media. Watch videos or listen to music offline in areas with bad TV signal! The Set Top Box is designed to work inside any home with these features.

HDMI and SCART Compatibility

In our continued efforts to make technology accessible to all of us, we kept the SCART port on the rear of the set top box. This SCART and HDMI Freeview box can decode SD and HD signals, and so has SD and HD output cable ports. Providing this option is integral to August’s mission to make tech last as long as possible with minimal waste.

In the Box

DVB415 Set Top Box (Power Adapter Attached)
Remote Control
HDMI Cable
User Manual
Tuner R850
Power Input AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Display Modes 576i/576p, 720p, 1080i/1080p
Aspect Ratios 16:9, 4:3, Auto
Video Output HDMI 1.3, SCART
Freeview Signal DVB-T, DVB-T2

Box says 'Boot', but nothing is on my TV screen?
Boot is the standard bootup message, and this is not a concern. Please check that the HDMI/Scart is fully inserted both in the box and your television, and check that the television is on the correct Source.

What USB stick is compatible?
A 32GB NTFS Formatted USB 2.0 Memory Stick is included with this product (DVB400) but any USB 2.0 Stick would work just fine up to 1TB in size

Does this Work In Ireland as well as UK?
The DVB400 Set Top Box works in Ireland and will scan for channels in the same way. Some features like Teletext or channel sorting may be limited.

SCART Output is not working, black screen?
Please ensure you have set the TV and device to CVBS if you cannot see picture with RGB. The SCART connection should appear on one of these two modes.

Can this be used with a PC monitor?
Yes, the DVB400 can be connected to monitors, modern TV's and more. The HDMI port enables this.