August EP400

Bone Conduction Headphones - Black

Key Features

  • • Bluetooth 5.3 provides ultra-fast wireless communication
    • Microphone and Buttons for Hands-free calls
    • MP3 16GB Player for Offline Playback
    • Open Ear and Lightweight, 25g
    • Waterproof IP68
    • Multipoint and Gaming mode: Use them for every device!
    • Perfect Sports headphones; Running, Cycling, Hiking or CrossFit


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Premium Sound with Bass Headphones

Listen to your favourite music or podcasts while staying aware of your surroundings with these bone conduction headphones with Bluetooth. The EP400 uses Bluetooth 5.3 for improved connectivity and sound quality. A microphone and easy access buttons allow you to pick up and receive calls completely hands-free.

Open Ear Bone Conduction Headset

Opt for good sound quality received in a different way. Bone Conduction avoids damaging your hearing with a comfortable alternative to traditional headphones, with no pressure on your eardrum or invasive silicone in your ear.

Magnetic Charging & Lightweight

Weighing only 25g this bone conduction headset can be used in every occasion and feel comfortable, even with glasses. The frame is made of titanium for high strength and flexibility. These magnetic sports headphones provide snappy connectivity and a weightless feel so you can focus on the session.

16GB Built-in Memory

Music can be stored directly to the headphones thanks to 16GB of internal SD card memory. This headset combines Bluetooth function and MP3 player to operate truly wirelessly.

Running, Cycling, Sports Headphones

The flexible and sweatproof design is perfect for listening to music during sport. Use it for running, cycling, hiking, the gym, workout, crossfit.These open ear headphones stay in place while running or exercising. Please do not use the EP400's while swimming, or submerge them in water.


  • EP400 Bone Conduction Headphones
  • User Manual
  • Magnetic Charging Cable
Bluetooth Version  v5.3
Operating Range Up to 10m
Multipoint Technology Yes
Weight  25g
In-built Memory  16gb
Max Power Output 8mW
Charging Time  2 Hours
Playing Time 10 Hours
Why are the Headphones not charging?
Please wipe them clean to remove any dust or spills that could interfere with the magnetic charging.

Do I need to buy an SD Card for the Headphones?
No, the SD card is embedded into the headphones.

So How Do I access The SD Card?
You can change the files saved on the headset via the magnetic charging strip. It allows data transfer and you can fill the EP400 with songs from a PC or Laptop, etc.

Are the Headphones Waterproof?
They are resistant to sweat and rain but do not use them while swimming in the swimming pool or the sea. Also avoid getting them wet in very cold or very warm waters.