Bone Conduction Headphones - Black

Key Features

  • • Bluetooth 5.3 for High-Fidelity Audio Wirelessly
    • MP3 Player Headphones Provide Local Music Storage
    • IP68 Sweat and Waterproof
    • Titanium Core and Rubberised Case
    • Magnetically Charged Fast Data Transfer Cable


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Bone Conduction is an exciting technology for our engineers to work with. Together with our expertise in headphones and lightweight materials, Bone Conduction has given us ways to make even smaller headsets with features jam-packed in to the small frame.

By oscillating the bones within your ear, Bone Conduction Headphones provide a direct and uninterrupted audio experience that has minimal sound-bleed. Simultaneously, your ears are kept unobstructed, making the EP400’s the best open ear headphones for working as well as working out!

We have included Bluetooth 5.3 to make sure these headphones are the cutting-edge in audio as well as wireless tech, alongside a 16GB integrated MP3 player as an offline alternative for increased accessibility.

Bluetooth 5.3 Wireless Technology

Utilising the ultra-fast Bluetooth 5.3 wireless connection ensures minimal data loss when transmitting audio. When designing the EP400, we dedicated the headphones to maximum quality in as small a space as possible. Providing an authentic audio experience wirelessly is a point of pride for these headphones and is all made possible through Bluetooth 5.3.

MP3 Player Headphones Integrated

Bone Conduction tech lends itself to sports headphones. We knew that these headphones wouldn’t always be used at a desk or home, or by someone with access to a phone. To make sure the EP400s deliver while you’re hiking, camping or in the middle of a cardio session, an MP3 player with 16GB of storage is integrated. This gives you local music options even without Bluetooth, and no fear of disconnects interrupting your PB pace runs.

IP68 Sweat and Waterproof Engineering

Sports Headphones that endure the elements with you. Even on a rainy day or sandy beach, the EP400s are made with Ingress Protection rating 68. With no external speaker units needed, Bone Conduction allowed our designers to fully enclose the electronics and provide a high level of water / dust protection into our best sports headphones yet.

Strength and Flexibility Combined

Underneath the rubberised exterior is a strong titanium core housing the electronics. Fully enclosed and centrally reinforced, the EP400s are built to last. From the outside, these headphones are light at 25 grams and fit softly with an ergonomic feel. We worked hard to make the EP400 flexible enough to gently rest near the ears while strong enough to stay in place during rigorous exercise.

Unique Components for Unique Headphones

Bone Conduction is a specialised technology with benefits for audio privacy, spatial awareness in public and at work, and compact design with no large driver units. To supplement this, we ensured the charging and data transfer cable was equally modern. The magnetic charging cable snaps easily onto the EP400s to charge on contact, and this connection can be used to transfer up to 16GB of MP3 audio to the headphones themselves.

Please Note: Bluetooth codecs have two modes; A reception mode and a reception/transmission mode. When the microphone is disabled or unused, all the Bluetooth is used for audio and gives high-fidelity playback. When the microphone is in use or activated, the audio quality will lower to allow your microphone data to be sent over Bluetooth simultaneously. If you find the audio quality poor, double-check your microphone is disabled / not being called upon by an app or program.

In The Box

EP400 Bone Conduction Headset
Magnetic Charging and Data Cable
User Manual

Bluetooth Version  v5.3
Operating Range Up to 10m
Multipoint Technology Yes
Weight  25g
In-built Memory  16gb
Max Power Output 8mW
Charging Time  2 Hours
Playing Time 10 Hours
Why are the Headphones not charging?
Please wipe them clean to remove any dust or spills that could interfere with the magnetic charging.

Do I need to buy an SD Card for the Headphones?
No, the SD card is embedded into the headphones.

So How Do I access The SD Card?
You can change the files saved on the headset via the magnetic charging strip. It allows data transfer and you can fill the EP400 with songs from a PC or Laptop, etc.

Are the Headphones Waterproof?
They are resistant to sweat and rain but do not use them while swimming in the swimming pool or the sea. Also avoid getting them wet in very cold or very warm waters.