USB Freeview TV Receiver & Recorder

Key Features

    • • USB TV Tuner with Standard Aerial Input
      • Recording and Timeshift Functions
      • Microsoft Windows Compatible


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T202 Tuner
Turn your Laptop into a TV, PC into a Media Centre, or your Desk into a cinema. The DVB-T202 allows you to watch and record Digital TV on your PC. This sleek little dongle is simple to use and highly effective, with a Remote Control and Mini Aerial provided. To install, simply plug the T202 into your PC/Laptop, and then download the Arcsoft TotalMedia software. Attach the Aerial to scan and pick up channels.

Recording and Timeshift
Either record Live TV or set up Scheduled Recording with the EPG. You can also use the Timeshift Function to pause Live TV.

Windows Compatible
This Device works with any PC or Laptop that uses Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10 as its Operating System.


  • USB Freeview TV Receiver
  • Portable Antenna
  • Remote Control
  • Key Code
  • User Manual

Please be advised that Freeview Reception is affected by various factors such as your proximity to a transmitter, tall buildings, thick walls, ceilings, weather etc. We advise that you connect the TV receiver to a rooftop aerial for the initial channel scan, after saving the channels you can then use the receiver in different locations to test the signal strength. To improve reception, a Portable Aerial with a signal booster may help.

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