HD Freeview Set Top Box Dual Recorder and Media Player

Key Features

  • • Record 2 Different Channels Simultaneously and Watch 1 Live
    • Watch Live, Record and Use Timeshift, Two-Week Long EPG, Subtitles, Channel Info All Inclusive
    • Over 100 Full 1080p HD Freeview and SD Freeview Channels Via HDMI Or Scart
    • Multimedia Player Function Supports Over 10 Formats of Video, Picture and Music
    • All-in-One Remote That Can Both Control Your TV and The Set Top Box


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Dual-Recording Feature

The most anticipated feature of the DVB482 Set Top Box Recorder. Record one channel while watching another at the same time. Schedule up to 8 recordings and have 2 of them overlap at any one time! Record a personal library of shows onto an inserted USB. The USB can be formatted using the Set-Top-Box between NTFS and FAT32 to ensure you can record.

Freeview and Freeview HD Set Top Box

Access full 1080p coverage using a HDMI or SCART input. Over 100 channels available for no subscription, no recurring costs, no set-up or access charge and no internet usage / data charges.

Advanced Features

Timeshift features allow you to pause, rewind, catch-up and record all in real time. These features require a USB inserted to facilitate the recording.

Ease-of-Use Functionality

View up to two weeks of programming with the EPG. Control Freeview with recording directly from the EPG, set reminders, and see channel information all in a clear, easily-navigable menu. Completely redefined and remade User Interface for the DVB482.

Accessibility options are available such as subtitles across multiple languages.

Multimedia Player

As well as a recording TV box, the DVB482 supports over 10 different formats of video, image and music playback from USB. Share memories, watch previously recorded videos and listen to hours of music turning your TV into a media centre. You can enjoy your own files and enterainment even without any TV signal. This is perfect for road trips, camping and high-interference areas.

Two-in-One Remote Control

The DVB482 uses remote learning technology to have your Set Top Box remote control the basic source, volume and channel options of your TV itself! A convenient way to access content without juggling multiple remotes. Program your DVB482 remote directly from your current TV remote.


1 x TV SCART Port
1 x HDMI Out
1 x RF Out
1 x Coaxial
1 x RF In
1 x USB Port

In the Box:

1 x DVB482 Freeview Recorder Box
1 x UK or EU Power Cable
1 x Dual-Remote
1 x HDMI Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Quick Start Guide
Power Input  
100-240V 50/60Hz
Display Mode  
1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratios  
16:9, 4:3, Auto
Video Outputs  
Freeview Signals  
Media Formats  
168 x 110 x 38 mm
241 Grams
How Do I Cancel scheduled recordings?
You cannot cancel recordings through the EPG. Instead, press Menu -- System Set Up -- Schedule
This is a list of all scheduled recordings. Select one to edit and change “Timer Mode” to “Off”. This will remove the scheduled recording setting.

What is “Speed too slow to record”
Most of the time the recording still gets made. It’s also not a consistent issue and just because it happens once doesn’t mean it won’t go away.
The issue is to do with how fast the data is written to the USB. If the recordings fail, advise a faster/larger USB 3.0 drive designed for faster transfers, or a USB external SSD

How Do I change channel while recording?
If there are recordings going on you cannot access the EPG or Schedule options. Please ensure you know the channel number you wish to switch to and type in using the number pad. For best results, use the EPG or Schedule to arrange recordings days or weeks in advance.

How do I input the time for the recording?
For timer inputs please use the Left and Right arrow buttons to underline the digit, and the number pad to choose the number. You input numbers with the number buttons not by scrolling with Up and Down arrows.

Volume + and Volume - Buttons Don’t Work
The volume + and volume - individual buttons at the top of the remote are a bypass to allow you to control your TV settings all through the one remote. If volume is still too loud or quiet, please use the DVB482 volume button on the left of the remote to adjust the volume further.

How To Connect the DVB482 Remote to my TV?
The DVB482 can pair with your own TV remote to control volume and source easily all through one remote. To do this, hold “SET” on the DVB482 remote for 3 seconds. The red light will stay on. Hold the Volume Down button on your TV remote and hold the two remotes towards each other. The remotes will pair and the “TV” section of the DVB482 remote will now behave as if it is your original TV remote.