Wireless TV Transmitter for Android and Apple

Key Features

    • Wireless Freeview Transmitter - Turn your Smartphone, iPhone, Tablet or iPad into a mobile television.
    • HD Recorder - Record and Play back TV programmes.
    • Free to watch - No mobile data, internet connection or subscription required.
    • Portable Aerial and Adapter included - Connect to any rooftop, indoor or portable antenna.
    • Ultra compact design - Great portability to take anywhere you like.


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Freeview TV Wireless Receiver 
Turn your smartphone, iPad or tablet into a TV using the DVB-T405. This device enables you to watch and record digital TV on your mobile device. Connect the T405 to a portable, indoor or rooftop TV aerial to create a Wireless TV network, this can be accessed through the Siano TV app on Android and Apple tablets

Live TV Recorder
As soon as you set up the Siano TV App, you can just simply tap the screen twice to start recording your favourite TV programmes. Watch them back whenever you want through this straightforward way of recording

Portable and Versatile
Get signal anywhere using the provided portable aerial for use on the go, or link up to your rooftop aerial to transmit TV around the house. Gain improved mobiles reception using it with any amplified portable or indoor aerial

Mobile TV Anywhere
A ten metre Wireless Network allows you to watch TV anywhere around your house, from resting in bed whilst watching TV on your tablet or to when you're preparing or cooking dinner in the kitchen

Product Bar Code:5053047003775

Compaibility Android 4.0+ / iOS 5.0+
Broadcast Range 10m
Battery Life 3 hours
Charging Time 2 hours
Dimensions 68 x 42 x 18mm