CD Player With Speakers and Earphones

Key Features

  • • High Fidelity CD Audio Delivered via Integrated Speakers or AUX Output
    • Disc Skip and Shock Protection for Up to 120 Seconds
    • Hold, Pause, Skip and Repeat Functions with Easy Buttons
    • Small CD Player for Car Weighing Only 240 Grams
    • Included Earphones for Personal CD Player Listening via AUX


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The August SE10W is a compact and accessible CD player with modern quality-of-life adjustments. The tactile buttons are clearly labelled and the digital screen has a strong backlight, allowing night-time and low-light usage. The CD player comes with speakers built-in as well as attachable earphones for private audio. Listen to high bitrate CD audio or choose from your huge library of MP3 files directly from an SD Card.

Modern Controls and Features

Despite the minimalist design and retro style, the SE10W features the best technology for ease-of-use. Easily skip, pause and stop CD’s as well as change between 3 Repeat modes! Volume is easily set with a slider-switch on the side, and if you’re worried about accidentally muting the audio you can activate the “Hold” switch to disable all other buttons! Perfect for commuting and travel.

The player also supports a playback speed modifier, to play at up to 5x speed as well as multiple EQ functions which can personalise your listening at will.

Lightweight Disc Protection

The SE10W also features disc skip and shock protection. This prevents physical shaking and impacts from immediately damaging and skipping the disc inside. This electronic skip protection can be active for up to 120 seconds at one time, longer periods of shock cannot guarantee the safety of the disc.

Personal CD Player

This CD player with speakers can play CD audio entirely on its own, or you may use the AUX port to play through any stereo, earphones or Hifi systems. Included are a pair of wired earphones for private listening to your CDs anywhere

In The Box

1 x SE10W CD Player with Speakers

1 x AUX Wired Earphones

1 x USB Recharge Cable

1 x 3.5mm AUX Cable

User Manual / Quick Start Guide

Internal Battery

3.7V 1400mAh

Battery Life

8 Hours CD / 15 Hours MP3

Internal Speakers

2 x 1W

Disc Format Support


Charging Port



14 x 14 x 3 cm



Why Can I Not Open / Control the CD Player?

Please check the “Hold” switch is not in place. This switch will disable all other controls so that you can carry the player without accidental changes.


Why are bookmarked and saved music being reset?

To save settings please use the proper “Standby” procedure, do not power off the device at the switch as this will reset the device.