FM and DAB Survival Radio and Bluetooth Speaker with Torch

Key Features

  • • 3-in-1 charging methods - Solar Powered, Hand Crank Dynamo and 4500mAh Rechargeable Battery
    • Camping Radio with DAB + FM accessible via attached Telescopic aerial and SOS Alarm Function for Hikes / Climbs
    • Torch with 3 brightness’s - High Beam (3 LED Bulbs), Low Beam (2 LED Bulbs), Reading / Night Light (1 LED Bulb)
    • Bluetooth 5.0 connection with any phone, laptop, tablet. Play your own audio wirelessly
    • 300 Grams and 15 x 7.5 x 4 cm frame ensure portability and storage are easy


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Portable Rechargeable Radio Bluetooth Speaker with 3 Charging Methods

The MB290 Radio uses the audio and radio skills from August home radios and packages it with added functionality and extreme battery life to ensure your adventure has a suitable soundtrack, enough charge, and is well lit. Dynamic, premium drivers ensure that your own playback and your favourite stations sound great.

3 Charging Methods

  1. Hand Crank - The MB290 can be charged by hand crank dynamo, creating kinetic electricity in even the darkest caves and disconnected forests.
  2. Solar Panel - You can use the integrated solar panel for passive recharging that lengthens battery life.
  3. USB-C Charging Cable - Finally, you can charge with the included cable from a powered port. Charge up, get up, get out there!
When charging or in use the MB290 displays its charge level clearly in LED along the side of the screen. The device supports fast charging from the USB-C port.

High-Capacity Battery

The battery consumption is dynamic, with 60% volume using Bluetooth 5.0 connection lasting up to 60 hours and lower volumes going on for even longer! Different functions have a different power draw. Up to 30 hours of constant Radio playback are available in one charge, for example.

Camping Power Bank

The MB290 can charge devices like phones and tablets for over 2 hours of recharge time. This means a full recharge of your phone to access precious GPS and messaging while still having leftover battery for torchlight, radio, Bluetooth use and the LCD screen.

Powerful Adaptable Wind Up Torch

Easily perform maintenance on cars or tents in the night with a high-power torch. The LED bulbs are slotted into the end of the device and take up no extra space, as well as having their light directed forward for more directionality. Switch between high beams with 3 bulbs, low beam with 2 bulbs, or a reading / night light using just 1 bulb at will.

Bluetooth 5.0 Portable Speaker

High speed Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity makes the MB290 a camp-DJs dream! Play your apps, local music, YouTube and Spotify and any other mobile audio through the MB290 around the campfire.
The connection also facilitates audio from alarms, meaning you can use the MB290 as a communal alarm clock to get everyone up and ready in the morning.
The Bluetooth connections holds up to 10 meters away, so you can set up camp and fix tents without having to re-pair or disconnect.

Extendable Telescopic Aerial

A telescopic Extendable Aerial is affixed to the device and can be quickly folded outwards, and extended. Once fully in position you can receive FM and DAB / DAB+ radio across the entire range. Channels can be saved as pre-sets and recalled later, meaning you can switch between music, news and weather in a couple of clicks without scanning through frequencies.

3.5mm Audio Out Port

Using a 3.5mm cable you can connect speakers, headphones and earphones to enjoy music and other audio privately or broadcast it loudly across the highlands. With options of what you listen to, and how you listen to it, you can feel at home anywhere.

Customisable Camping Equipment

For those travelling outside of the country on road-trips and holidays the device features 8 languages of support. FM and DAB Radio will also attune to the local stations available wherever you find yourself to make the MB290 a truly world-worthy travel radio.

Accessible Button Pad Controls

RDS and DLS info is displayed in a clear LCD screen alongside info like time and battery. All the information you need is accessible and communicative. The MB290 also has labelled buttons, bright orange power and SOS functions, and a bright LED sequence down the right side of the screen to show battery level.

Sleep Timer

A 15-to-90-minute auto-off timer function allows you to sleep with the radio or your own Bluetooth music while still saving battery for the day ahead. The device will enter sleep mode automatically after the timer runs out.

Engineered for Portability

15 x 7.5 cm square and only a few centimetres deep, the MB290 can be taken anywhere. The light 300 Gram box can be left in a car, camping bag, tent or even strapped around your belt with the included strap. The strap also allows you to hang the radio like a tent light and emit sound evenly around the space.

In the box:

  • MB290 Solar Survival Radio
  • USB to USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual
Bluetooth Version
FM Frequency Range
87.5 - 108MHz
DAB Frequency Range
174 - 240MHz
Battery Capacity
Speaker Unit
40mm 3W
Torch Specification
3 x 1W COB LED
External Charging
Maximum 2A
300 Grams
15 x 7.5 x 4 cm
Q: Where are the Charging Ports?
A: The MB290 features a protective soft seal around the charging ports (The opposite end to the LED Torch Bulbs). Pull back the silicone and the ports are accessible. Slot the silicone back in after charging.
Q: Why can I not change Mode?
A: If you can see the Time and Date, the screen is in Standby mode. Please tap the power button (Do not hold) and then press Mode to cycle modes.
If you can see no Date or Time, Hold the power button and then you may use Mode to change modes.
Q: No radio stations found?
A: Please ensure the aerial is unhooked and extended to the maximum length. Try from a variety of angles and locations nearby. Please try both FM and DAB reception Modes.
Q: Headphone Volume Seems Quiet / Loud / Inconsistent
A: Try a device with less Impedance, as the power supplied by the MB290 may be too low for extremely high-impedance headphones.
Q: MP3 Player Cannot Play Through AUX?
A: The Aux port on the MB290 is Out only. You can listen to Bluetooth or Radio audio privately with headphones or publicly on Wired Speakers. There is no Aux in option.