Air Mouse and Wireless Presenter

Key Features

  • •Wireless Air Mouse - Control your PC cursor by moving the presenter in mid-air
    •Wireless Presenter - Easily navigate through your computer presentations
    •PC Shortcut Keys - Control the volume, start and end presentations and blank the screen
    •On Screen Keyboard - Quick access to an on screen keyboard for point and click text input
    •Red Laser Pointer - Highlight key areas of your slides with the <1mW red laser pointer


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Wireless Air Mouse
Designed for controlling your cursor during presentations and for multimedia PCs, the air mouse function of the LP320 has dedicated left and right click buttons for complete control. Whether you are choosing your next show on Lovefilm or switching between applications mid presentation, this air-mouse gives you accurate and fast control over your cursor.

Wireless Presenter
For PowerPoint and other presentation software, two buttons are linked to Page Up and Page Down on your keyboard. This allows you to navigate forwards and backwards through your slides without having to sit behind your computer or enlist an assistant.

PC Shortcut Keys
To improve the flow of your presentations, August have added shortcut buttons to give you remote access to core PowerPoint functions:
Play/Exit Button: Toggles full screen mode during a presentation
Blank Screen: Hides your slides and brings attention back to you
Highlighter/Marker: Use PowerPoints Highlight and Marker Pen function to draw on your slides
Volume Control: Increase, decrease and mute the volume of your PC

On Screen Keyboard
Pressing the keyboard button opens a graphical keyboard, just point the cursor to the keys and click to type without having to use your PC.

The user manual is provided in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

New product provided in retail packaging complete with 12 month manufacturers warranty.

Safety Warning:
The laser pointer is not a toy and should not to be used by anyone under 21
It is illegal to direct the beam at any flying objects, moving vehicles and any public or private structures

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