HD Receiver and Media Player

Key Features

  • •HD Freeview Set Top Box - Watch Free to Air Digital TV in HD quality
    •PVR Style USB Recorder - Record TV programmes straight onto USB Media
    •Coaxial Digital Output - Highest sound purity and quality
    •Enjoy Digital Features - Record Function, Time Shift, EPG (Electronic Programme Guide)
    •Max Resolution: 1080p - Video Output: HDMI / SCART - Audio Output: HDMI / SCART / Coaxial



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Watch Freeview TV with great resolution 1080p with the August DVB400. This Freeview receiver and recorder is simple to connect and thanks to its HDMI, it gives you stunning HD TV pictures with no monthly subscription. 
USB Recorder
The DVB415 allows you to record via its USB port straight to external hard drives and USB sticks up to 1TB (1000GB). The DVB415 is the perfect tool for recording your favourite shows to watch them again anytime, anywhere you want. 

Coaxial Digital Output
Enjoy the highest sound purity and quality through Coaxial Digital Output, connect straight to your sound bar or home stereo system. 

Record Function, Time Shift, EPG
With a 7 Day EPG, you can swiftly browse through television listings for the next weeks programming. Easily set up scheduled recording and auto-channel changing so you don't miss your favourite shows. For streamlined browsing, channels can be stored in easy to find categories giving you quick access to your favourite channels. 

The DVB415 can also pause and rewind live TV using its timeshift function and its inbuilt multimedia player allows you to watch your digital videos, photos and music on your living room TV. 

Video Output: HDMI / SCART - Audio Output: HDMI / SCART / Coaxial
Video output can be via HDMI or SCART, so almost any TV can benefit from the feature packed DVB415. 

Product Bar Code:5053047003324
Q: Does the box have a U.K. std. plug or will I need to order a euro adaptor? 
A: Hi it comes with UK plug 

Q: Does someone know if it works in Ireland? 
A: Yes it works perfectly well in Ireland. Only slight issue is that you need to sort channels manually once tuned and that the aertel teletext doesn't work. Other than this it a great little box. 

Q: Can anyone tell me if this freeview box will work with an Xbox One? I can't see if the unit is CEC 1.3a compliant. Cheers Martin & TIA :) 
A: It works through the Xbox One - but it isn't on the list of supported devices that can be controlled - so you need to use its own remote to change channels, but switching back and forth between TV and the console is seemless with 'Xbox, Watch TV' still. Which I've been doing for months OK. I have e-mailed August and...