USB Freeview TV Receiver & Recorder

Key Features

  • USB TV Tuner - Watch live Freeview TV on your Laptop PC or Desktop Computer
    Real Time and Scheduled Recording - Save live TV on your hard drive, edit and burn it to DVD
    Time Shifting - Pause, rewind and fast forward, never miss a moment
    Standard Aerial Input - Connects easily to rooftop aerials for optimal reception
    Microsoft Windows Compatible - Works with Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP


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Turn your laptop into a TV, PC into a Media Centre, Desk into a cinema, the DVB-T202 allows you to watch and record digital TV on your PC. Offering the best reception of any of the TV tuner sticks we've tested, this sleek little dongle from August is as simple to use as it is effective.

USB powered, setting up is a doddle, just put the CD in the drive (or download the software and drivers from August's website if your using a netbook), follow the step by step on screen instructions, plug it into your USB port, attach an aerial and scan the airwaves for digital channels.

Not only can you watch and record TV, you can also use the software to Time-Shift your viewing, this means you can pause eastenders when the phone goes and rewind and watch the goal you missed when it was your turn to get the teas in.

Pick and plan your viewing with the user friendly EPG, turn on subtitles where they've been provided and sit back, relax and watch TV from the comfort of your sofa using the supplied remote control to change channels.

System Requirements
-CPU: 1.7GHz or above
- RAM: 512MB or above
- Graphic Card: 32 MB or above
- Sound Card, CD-ROM, USB2.0 port
- Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
- Microsoft Direct X9.0 or above

Package Contents
- USB Freeview TV receiver
- Portable antenna with magnetic base & smooth surface suction base
- Remote control
- Software CD
- User manual

Please be advised that Freeview reception is affected by various factors such as your proximity to a transmitter, tall buildings, thick walls, ceilings, weather etc. We advise that you connect the TV receiver to a rooftop aerial for the initial channel scan, after saving the channels you can then use the receiver in different locations to test the signal strength. To improve reception, a portable aerial with signal booster may help; we recommend the August DTA225 and DTA245.

Product Bar Code:5073621143086

I cannot find the licence key for the software.
The licence key is printed on the back of the CD case.  If you are not able to find your licence key, you will have to purchase a replacement key. Please contact us on 01920487700 to order. (Free software is available, e.g. DVBVIEWER)

Why doesn't the LED light up?
There is no LED on the DVB-T202, the plastic panel is the infra-red receiver.

The software cannot detect the device.
Please reinstall the driver. To do this, open device manager, find the T202 in "Sound, video and game controllers", right click on it and click uninstal. Once this has completed, unplug and replug the tuner. Then follow the onscreen instructions to reinstall the driver.
When opening TotalMedia a "Device in use" error message appears.
Please download and install the latest software
Alternatively you can use Windows Media Center.

Why isn’t the remote control working?
Please change the battery of the remote control. If this does not solve the issue, please use a digital camera screen to see if the IR lights up once a button is pressed.