Spotlight Wireless Presenter with No Laser - August WP200 - Smart Multi-Function Powerpoint Presentation Clicker with On-Screen Zoom, Highlight and Point Functions - Present to Your Audience Safely

Key Features

  • • Button-Controllable Air Mouse
    • Integrated Presentation Software
    • Personalised Settings
    • Long Life Integrated Rechargeable Battery
    • Windows Compatible


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Air Mouse
The WP200 can be used as an Air Mouse on certain devices, and features Buttons to control your Slideshows. You can also switch between Tasks and Windows.

Integrated Application
The ‘PresenterH100’ Application launches when you insert the provided USB Receiver. This allows you to run your PC through the Presenter

Adjustable Settings
Several of Pointer’s settings are changeable. You can alter the Spotlight, Digital Laser, and Pointer Speed. You can also enable the software to run automatically when you insert the Receiver, set a reminder to not forget the Receiver, and enable a Vibrating Timer on the Device.

Rechargeable Battery
A One Hour Charge can deliver several hours of use before you need to Recharge.

Windows Compatibility
The WP200 can be used with any device that runs Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP.

Product Code: 5053047009074