LCD Writing Tablet - Daffodil WT100 - 9 inch Digital Graphics Board with Pencil

Key Features

  • REFLECTION FREE ELECTRONIC BLACKBOARD - Ensure the content is clear and significantly protect your eyes even if you are writing in sunlight or close to direct sources of light
    DOUBLE ENDED WRITING PENCIL - Resistant material, write millions of times with no wear and tear. Through engineering design, the device can effectively relieve hand fatigue.
    ERASE LOCK PROTECTION - Slide the erase lock to enable/disable the erase button, avoiding accidental erasure of written/drawn images
    PORTABLE DESIGN - Ultra thin and easy to carry in a purse, scheduler, briefcase backpack
    ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Paperless, recycle - save thousands of pieces of paper


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Flexible LCD screen technology
The devices uses the lastest, innovative flexible LCD screen technology
Low power consumption
The button battery can continuously flash tens of thousands of times.
No Writing or Painting Required
The screen is smooth, like real paper and the only tool required to draw on it is the provided pen.
Pressure Sensing Technology
The use of digital plates use stroke pressure sensing technology, paint different lines of thickness according to the pressure applied. This gives a similar effect to real paper drawing.
This product is guaranteed for twelve months from the date of the original purchase.
Size: 229.25*149.45*10.5(mm),9in,LCD Screen
Weight: 133g
Battery:CR2032*1 3V
Writing physical strength: 150-250g