White Noise Sound Machine [White]

Key Features

  • • White Noise Speaker with 14 different sounds across 6 types
    • 24 Hours Uninterrupted playback at max volume, 60+ Hour Battery Life at 30% volume
    • Suitable for babies, toddlers, children, adults and businesses
    • Simple materials, easy-to-use controls and universal USB-C to USB Charging
    • Auto-Off Timer between 15 and 60 minutes to save battery and not disturb sleep


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Varied and Soothing White Nosie Machine
The SE160 White Noise Speaker contains 14 different audio scenes spread across 6 distinct sound archetypes. Select from audio suited to babies, natural birdcalls, consistent water movement, varied and changeable winds, weather and storms, and finally melodic / tuneful soundscapes.

High-Capacity Battery Long Lasting White Noise
Thanks to minimalist design and efficient battery use, the 1200mAh internal battery lasts for up to 60+ hours depending on the volume. Enough playback for months of use if you use the auto-off timer. The timer can be set at 15, 30 and 60 minutes for different sleepers.
Save battery and help your ears stay healthy by having the noise turn off after you’re already asleep. Compatible USB-C can be plugged in to any powered USB port to charge the speaker.

Versatile and Adaptable
The SE160 is suitable as a baby shusher just as much as an adult sleep aid. Configure the sounds and volumes to suit, and place in any room thanks to the wireless functionality. Anyone can use the SE160’s large face buttons and precise volume dial to set up the perfect audio environment for themselves or their children / infants.

Portable Design
Take on trips, in cars, in tents and on holiday without having to worry about batteries due to the huge battery life. On top of that, the 66mm driver unit is covered with soft, light cloth and inserted into a pliable ABS Frame for a high lifespan and usage. This means you can safely put it in suitcases or car storage.
The SE160 weighs 313 Grams and is 14cm square, so slipping it into a bag or draw or box is trivial.

In the Box
SE160 White Noise Machine Speaker
USB-C to USB Charging Cable
User Manual
Quick Start Guide
 Number Of Sounds  
 Battery Specification  
 Battery Life  
 60 Hours at 30% Volume
 24 Hours at 100% Volume
 Speaker Driver Unit  
 66mm 4 Ohms 2W
 Charging Method  
 USB-C to Powered USB Port
 ABS Frame and Cloth Cover
 313 Grams
 14.2 x 14.2 x 4 cm
What sounds does this come with?
The SE160 comes with 6 categories of sound: Baby Oriented, Wind, Water, Melodic, Weather and Rain, Birdsong. Across these categories are 14 different sounds suiting the genres.
How Loud Should I Have My White Noise Machine?
We recommend not raising above a quiet 50 decibels in an empty bedroom, especially if left on overnight with no timer. In louder environments, or when using an auto-off timer, higher volumes are also acceptable.
How Do I Cancel a Timer?
Simply turn off the device and on again. It will default to playing indefinitely.
Can I leave on all night?
With up to 60 hours battery depending on your volume you can use the SE160 for multiple nights! Plug in with the included cable for indefinite use. Please ensure volume is 50 decibels or below for constant exposure as to not overstimulate auditory senses.
Can I take this on holiday or travelling?
The SE160 can be used wirelessly, and is lightweight at only 313 grams. You can easily use it in tents, campervans, hotels, etc.