Dual Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver

Key Features

  • • Optical / Jack 3.5mm / RCA
    • Dual Bluetooth 5.0 Connection
    • Plug & Play Connectivity
    • Compatible with Headphones, TVs & Gaming Consoles
    • Synchronised Video & Audio
    • Easy To Use interface


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Optical / Jack 3.5mm / RCA
For high-quality sound, use an optical cable, or an aux Jack 3.5mm or phono RCA depending on your device.
Bluetooth transmitter
Connect the adapter to your TV / Headphones / Speaker / Earbuds / Hifi system and other audio devices. Connect the dual transmitter to 2 devices at the same time and easily switch between them.
Bluetooth receiver
Transfer the sound wirelessly from your phone to a speaker. This receiver allows you to play music from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to a speaker, Hifi system, amp, or other audio devices.
Perfect for gaming
Use this dual transmitter for gaming on your computer or console. Play to your PS5, Xbox, or Switch wireless with high-quality sound.
High-quality sound
Listen to your TV, music, or podcasts wirelessly at a high standard with this Bluetooth transmitter and receiver.
  • MR280 Transmitter & Receiver
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • Optical Audio Cable
  • RCA Audio Cable
  • USB-C Charging Cable
1. The MR280 does not turn on
- Check the connection
- Try connecting to an AC adapter (such as a phone charger)
- Press the On button

2. The MR280 does not recognise my device
- Check that the MR280 is in the correct mode (transmitter or receiver)
- Check that the MR280 is not already connected to 2 other devices
- Check that your external device is not already connected via Bluetooth to another device
- Check that your external device and the MR280 are within 10 meters of each other
- Press the "Arrow Loop" button to refresh the search

3. There is interference in the connection
Avoid placing the MR280 next to your internet box
In case of any other difficulty, please contact the after-sales service. A reply will be given very quickly.