TWS Wireless Earbuds- August EP810 - Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Stereo Headphones Touch Control with Type C Charging Sport in-Ear Earphones for iPhone and Android [Black]

Key Features

  • 1. [Smart Touch Control] – the August EP810 earphones is with multi-function high-sensitivity touch sensors button which allows you to pause, play or skip your music, increase and decrease the volume (Volume control), answer, end or reject calls, activate personal voice assistants accurately without taking your phone out of your pocket, free up your hands.
    2. [Stable and Quick Automatic Reconnect] – the August EP810 TWS earbuds is with the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 to provide more stable and faster Bluetooth connection and audio transmission. Take out the headphones from the charging case and it will automatically power on and connect each other, which allows you to connect your Bluetooth device in seconds. the earphones compatible IOS and Android system smartphone.
    3. [Personal Voice Assistants Support] – the August EP810 TWS earphones is built-in Mic which allows to answer call and access to personal assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. Just speak your request, and they'll do your bidding.
    4. [Ultra-Long Battery Life] – the August EP810 Bluetooth earbuds can provide up to 18 hours playback with charging case; Additional, the ep810 TWS earbud has a mini portable charging case and it supports USB Type C quick charge.
    5. [Role Switching Technology and HiFi Stereo Sound Quality] – the August EP810 Bluetooth earbuds enable you to use each earbud independently form a strong connection to your Bluetooth device, allows you to use either earbud as you want. Additionally, the August EP810 Earphone has large dynamic 10mm speakers which provide more clear, realistic stereo sound, it is an ideal companion for music lovers. At the same time, we offer replacement earbuds (S/M) in different sizes to meet the needs of different people.


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TWS True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds – August EP810
With the Bluetooth 5.0 and True Wireless technology development, the wireless earbuds EP810 can be used wirelessly with no wires running between headphones and phone and phone. And the wireless earbuds won't restrict your movement one bit. That's handy for commuting and general day-to-day life and great if you're the sporty type. It can bring us much convenient for our daily life.
the August EP810 has superb battery life, it can keep up to 6 hours of listening time with a single charge, while the TWS earphones charger case has full power for an extra two charges, giving a total of 18 hours playback when using Bluetooth, which allows you to use entire day in many situations, like public transport, at work, at the office, outdoors, during jogging, in front of the computer or the TV etc. In additional, the Bluetooth earbuds has USB-Type C charger cable with a fast charge feature and it is extremely easy to recharger.
The TWS Earbuds has wonderful sound quality. Despite the earphones is tiny, but it has a good sense of scale, which can make you listen the instruments sound natural and authentic, with plenty of detail and composure to the performance.It allows us use them for working out without worrying about damage. In additional, the earbuds have ergonomic design. its’ water drop shape fits comfortably within your ears and don’t budge while you’re running or working out.
The August EP810 Bluetooth earphone included beamforming microphones allowing you to make voice or video chatting both with the traditional phone and with Social Networking Applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, Signal, FaceTime, and also to chat via video conferences on Zoom, Google Meet, Teams etc.
A passive noise reduction system reduces surrounding noise. So you can concentrate on your music, podcast or phone call while wearing the August headphones.
A charge LED indicator shows you the remaining battery level. Once connected to your device, the Bluetooth headphones will reconnect automatically when you use the headphone next time.