Portable DAB / DAB+ / FM Radio Alarm Clock and Bluetooth Speaker

Key Features

  • ●Full Colour LCD Screen User Interface for Ease-Of-Use
    ●Telescopic 65cm Aerial Pre- Set DAB Stations and Auto-Scan FM Channels
    ●Connect Bluetooth 5.0 to Play Phone, PC and Laptop Audio
    ●Portable and Wireless for up to 10 Hours Battery Life
    ●Dual-Alarm Clock with 2 Alarms using DAB, FM or Buzzer Sound


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3 Generations of Radio technology accessible in one device. The 65cm telescopic aerial can receive hundreds of stations across a wide range of frequencies. Switch from your favourite FM frequency to any of the Pre Set and named DAB stations at will.
Dual-Alarm clock
Set and manage 2 different alarm settings. Choose your audio source from DAB, FM, AUX and Bluetooth to wake up your way. Choose once, daily, weekdays or weekends and never have to set your alarm manually again.
Full Colour LCD Screen
For the first time, view stations, modes, signal strength and battery life in full colour on your portable radio / speaker unit. Navigate more easily, quickly check device and radio information and view a digital clock in standby mode through the bright, clear screen.
Accessible Technology
The LCD Screen pairs with a simple, labelled button pad on the top for maximum simplicity and accessibility. The buttons allow on/off, auto-scan, volume changes, information screens, station changes, favourites and mode switching. Available information includes:
Time / Date, Current Station, Song, Artist, Show Name, Frequency, Bit Rate, Error Rate 1 Signal Strength
Wireless Bluetooth Audio
When not using radio, you can connect using Bluetooth 5.0. Play Spotify, Tidal, YouTube music or simply your own files wirelessly through the loud speaker. The connection is high-capacity and high-speed so you can listen to authentic music wherever you go.
Portable and Lightweight
The unit weighs 550 grams despite its substantial speaker. The device stands on it's own and doesn't need to be clipped or attached or used with a stand. Measuring 13x 7.5 x 15cm the product can be comfortably held in one hand and stored in bags / cars for on-the-go access. Use plugged in, or wirelessly for up to 10 hours with dynamic battery life depending on volume and mode.
3.5mm AUX
Finally, the speaker features a wired connection for MP3 players, mobile phones, CD players and more. Play your audio through the speaker via standard universal audio jack. Select AUX in to play music, or use the DAB/ FM/ Bluetooth with wired headphones / earphones!
In The Box
MB330 Radio Bluetooth Speaker
USB-C Charging Cable
User Manual
signal Access DAB, DAB+, FM
DAB Frequencies 174-240MHz
FM Frequencies 87.5- 108MHz
Bluetooth Ver. 5.0
Bluetooth Range 10m
Antenna Length 65cm
Working Time Up to 10 hours
Charging Time Up to 4 hours
Dimensions 130x75x152mm
How Do I Connect My Phone?
To enable Bluetooth power on the device and press Mode. Use the arrow key buttons to select the Bluetooth symbol and press “OK”. The speaker will enter pairing mode and you can scan for devices on your phone, tablet, PC and laptop.
How Do I Find FM Channels Not Static?
Please hold down the arrow button to scan up or down frequencies. The radio will stop automatically when a signal is picked up (You may then have to adjust with presses until the signal is clearest)
You can also press the Favourites button and choose from the list of saved stations.
“Error Rate” is high? (30+ Percent)
When you see a high error rate on the information screen of a DAB channel (Press the “I / Menu” button whilst listening) you can move the radio to a window, extend the telescopic aerial further, and rotate the aerial.
Please rotate both horizontally and vertically as the aerial can be articulated in a full hemisphere. Check the Error Rate as you move the aerial and set it in the position that gives you 0 - 20%.