August DVB-T205 PC / Laptop USB Freeview TV Receiver and Recorder (Supports Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP)

Key Features

  • Plug & Play, powered by USB port, Microsoft Windows Compatible - Works with Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
    Time-shift, real-time and scheduled recording, universal and regional channel scan
    Electronic program guide, subtitles, support MPEG1/2/4 and H.264
    Ultra-low power consumption, infrared remote control, 75 Ohm RF connector socket, USB 2.0 port
    Dimensions: 6.9 x 2.0 x 1.4 cm, net weight: 14g


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It has incorporated the latest technology and can probably offer the best performance comparing with other USB TV receivers, comes with gift-box packaging and a mini antenna, remote control, USB cable and user manual in the box.

This digital TV receiver is Plug & Play, meaning it is powered purely by your computer's USB port, with no need for drivers. This takes away the need for an external power cable, as it has ultra-low power consumption. With a compact size of under 7 cm, and weighing only 14 grams, the August DVB receiver and recorder fits a lot of features into its small shell.

The August DVB-T205 gives you the power to time shift your programs, allowing you to pause and rewind live TV. Pick your programme with the user-friendly EPG, and record shows to watch back at your leisure. You can even sit back and relax, with the included remote control. There is even the option to switch on subtitles.

Please note there may be difficulty in receiving Freeview TV signal via the included portable antenna in some areas where the signal is not sufficiently strong.

Product Description
Watch live TV, listen to digital radio and record your favourite shows on your PC. The DVB-T205 turns your PC into a powerful entertainment centre, giving you access to over 40 Freeview channels 20 digital radio stations and the ability to record in either real-time, scheduled, or time-shift modes and store episodes on your hard drive or even burn them to DVD.

Simple to install, just plug it in and insert the CD for the supplied Total Media software, or start using it straight away through Windows Media Center. Supporting a variety of broadcast standards including MPEG1/2/4 and H.264, it packs a lot of versatility into its small case.

Offering the best reception we have seen from a USB TV Stick, the DVB-T205 is the ideal solution for adding Digital TV to your laptop or desktop PC.

System Requirements:
- CPU: P4 1.4GHz or above
- RAM: 256MB or above
- Graphic Card: 32 MB or above
- Sound Card, CD-ROM, USB2.0 port
- Operating System: Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
- Microsoft Direct X9.0 or above

Package Contents:
- USB Freeview TV receiver
- USB Extension Cable
- Portable antenna with magnetic base & smooth surface suction base
- Remote control
- Software CD
- User manual

Product Bar Code:5071812207098


I cannot find the licence key for the software.
The licence key is printed on the back of the CD case.  If you are not able to find your licence key, you will have to purchase a replacement key. Please contact us on 01920487700 to order. (Free software is available, e.g. DVBVIEWER)

Why doesn't the LED light up?
There is no LED on the DVB-T205, the plastic panel is the infra-red receiver.

The software cannot detect the device.
Please reinstall the driver. To do this, open device manager, find the T205 in "Sound, video and game controllers", right click on it and click uninstal. Once this has completed, unplug and replug the tuner. Then follow the onscreen instructions to reinstall the driver.
When opening TotalMedia a "Device in use" error message appears.
Please download and install the latest software
Alternatively you can use Windows Media Center.

Why isn’t the remote control working?
Please change the battery of the remote control. If this does not solve the issue, please use a digital camera screen to see if the IR lights up once a button is pressed.