August DTA420 - Freeview HD Digital TV Aerial - Indoor High Gain Portable DVB-T/DVB-T2 HDTV Television Antenna - DAB Radio Aerial…

Key Features

  • standard coaxial cable - ideal for use with all dvb-t, hdtv, external decoder, mpeg4 h.264, dtb-t / t2, radio, car, car radio
    compact and light - perfect for portable tvs and media players
    removable support - attaches to a glass window for optimal placement or wall attachment
    3m cable - easy and flexible location for optimum reception
    Compatible devices: TVs, Set Top Boxes Included components: TV Aerial, Power Cable, Instruction Manual Cable length: 3 Power source type: Corded Electric


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High Gain Digital TV Aerial
The DTA420 Aerial delivers both Freeview and Freeview HD TV. Used indoors, it can be placed anywhere in your House to pick up a focused, strong signal. It can also pick up DAB and FM Radio Signal.

The Aerial is compact, meaning it can be easily repositioned around your Living Room or Bedroom to pick up the best Signal. It can also be taken on trips for use with Portable TVs.

Standard Coaxial Connection
The DTA features a Standard Coaxial Cable, meaning it can be used with standard TVs.

  • DTA420 Aerial
Please Note: Freeview Reception depends on Environmental Factors. We cannot guarantee Reception in all Locations, and have a 30-Day Refund Policy if necessary.

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