Bluetooth Speakers - August MS515 - Wireless Two Unit Stereo Set

Key Features

  • Music can inspire, soothe and lift your mood if it sounds great. We make it sound great.
    Surrounded by stereo sound, movies are brought to life putting you in the action on TV.
    Bring the difference between music from mobile and true stereo sound wherever you go.
    Grab your audience's attention with clear crisp audio to support your professional presentation.
    Simple to set up in seconds and designed to give you superb sounds effortlessly.


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August MS515 - Sound Should be Stereo 
The MS515, portable Bluetooth Speakers, provide high quality stereo sound. Powerful and Stylish, the MS515 never fails to impress with the best in performance and design. Pairing to smartphones, Tablets, PCs and smart TVs is swift and simple through Bluetooth. 

Portable Stereo Speaker Set 
Bring surround sound with you wherever you go, indoors and outdoors the MS515 will provide the tunes. Two 5W speakers combine to provide warm, rich and balanced stereo sound from your music collection. 

TV Surround Sound 
Immerse yourself in the sound of your TV, movies sound dynamic and life like. 

Portable Long Lasting Battery 
On the go, sound should be as good as at home. With great sound quality and over 15 hours battery life, the MS515 will impress wherever you go. To fine tune the superb sound, the MS515s are compatible with any EQ app available on Play Store or the Apple App Store. 

Universally Compatible 
All versions of Bluetooth are compatible. For tape decks, VCRs and other retro media players, for use as a laptop speaker, the MS515 is equipped with an Audio In socket, just plug into any headphone or audio out to improve the sound of even your longest treasured device.