Smart Activity Tracker - August SWB200 - App Enabled Smart Health Wristband

Key Features

  • FITNESS/HEALTH TRACKER - Track your Steps, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Distance Travelled and much more
    UP TO 30 DAYS BATTERY LIFE - Can last up to 30 days, dependant on frequency of the device being synced.
    IP67 WATERPROOF/DUSTPROOF - This rating means that the SWB200 is protected from dust, and against water up to depths of 1m
    FIND DEVICE FUNCTION - Use the 'Search Wristband' function, causing the wristband vibrate allowing you to find it with ease
    NOTIFICATION ALERTS - Enable silent vibrating functions to alert you of calls, messages alarms and more

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Fitness and Health Tracker      
Utilise the wristband to track figures such as your steps, heart rate, blood oxygen, distance travelled and calories burnt. Furthermore, use the stopwatch function to track time and using the app, see your fatigue state and get manual measurements such as heart rate and blood pressure.
Huge Battery Life
The 30 Day Battery life ensures the device will last around a month per charge!
Notification Alerts
Be alerted to what's happening on your device, whether it's a phone call, message, alarm, sitting for long periods and notifications from a range of apps including Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.
Find Device Function
Using the 'Search Wristband' function will cause the wristband to vibrate, allowing you to find it. Never worry about losing your phone again! Note: The search function will only work if the wristband is within Bluetooth range. 
IP67 Waterproof Rating
The IP67 Waterproof Rating means the SWB200 is protected from dust, and is protected against the effects of immersion in water up to a depth of 1 meter.

Sleep Tracker
See information on how you sleep, the length and periods where you were in a deep sleep or shallow sleep, as well as how many times you woke and your entire sleep time.

Redefine Healthy Life
The incorporation of comprehensive big data detailed examination, internet of things used to derive information, provides a tailored daily health service.  

Remote Photo Taker
Simply rotate or shake your SWB200 to control your smartphone and take photos! Who needs a selfie stick or tripod?