VHS to Digital Converter USB Stick for Windows PC

Key Features

  • • Convert VHS to Digital Formats Such as WMV, MPEG
    • Included VHS to DVD Recorder Software Licence Key
    • Digitise Tapes Before They Suffer from Deterioration and Light Fade
    • Compatible with Windows 7+ With Driver and Software Downloads
    • Record from RCA (Red, White, Yellow) and S-Video Devices Directly to PC or Disc


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The VGB350 is our latest digitisation USB stick, featuring a VHS to DVD 5.0 software licence key and straight to DVD editing. Plug your VHS players, Camcorders and even Vinyl players in to the VGB350 and create digital files to save forever, share on social media or burn right to DVD.
The VGB350 is compatible with Windows devices using a USB 2.0 port. The driver and software download package can be found here.

Please Note you will need a licence key provided with your purchased product to use the software.

If you need another licence key they can be purchased digitally from Digital Daffodil, our UK Local Business Retail Partner. Please have your order number ready when contacting their team.

Plug Your VHS in to a Laptop or Computer

The VGB350 recorder connects like a normal storage USB to your USB 2.0 port on laptops and computers. Once plugged in and installed you can connect RCA (Red, White, Yellow cables for video and stereo audio) or S-Video (Black cable, video only) directly to your PC via the USB adapter! Record in real time from VHS, Camcorders and Cassette Players.

Please Note some devices may need their original cables in order to function, please ensure you can connect to the RCA or S-Video components with your device.

VHS to DVD Software Licence Key Included

The VGB350 comes with a software package and licence key. This key will redeem the software on your device and allow you to view, record, edit and burn your footage to disc all through one simple app. Analogue to digital conversion is completed in real time, so you can record exactly what you want and edit it together in whatever way you like afterwards

Freedom to Choose Format

The VGB350 allows you to format your recordings to save space, improve recording quality or share on social media better. Choose from VCD or SVCD for CDs, DVD or Long DVD files for Discs. DVD DL and Long DVD DL format for Dual-Layer DVD Discs. WMV or MPEG digital files for sharing online via social media and email, or storing on a USB stick, hard drive, etc.

VHS, VCR, Cassette, Vinyl and More!

By adding an RCA and S-Video connection you can do more than just record VHS tapes. If you have a vinyl player or a cassette tape deck with stereo outputs then you can record the audio to digital files and save your childhood audiobooks or soundtrack vinyl. Preserving and sharing the past has never been easier, and variety is the spice of life so make sure to share all the recordings you can!

Set Up Considerations

To set up the VGB350 you will need a PC or Laptop which meets the minimum requirements below, including operating system. You can download the driver and software package below which includes all you need. Please ensure the VGB350 is inserted in to the USB 2.0 port before running the package.

If you have any problems, please call our customer service team and explain the issue. We can supply installation advice and walk you through the process. Alternatively, we support TeamViewer and can remotely access your system to assess the error ourselves if you prefer.

Live and Retro Gameplay Recording

The August VGB350 can connect to Xbox 360 / PS3 / Game Cubes and record  or stream any gameplay footage from consoles with SD video out and save it on the PC. Help preserve gaming history and share your trips down memory lane with classics, without having to splash out for a full-priced remastered port re-release.

Box Contents

  • August USB 2.0 Video Adapter
  • AV Cable
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Software Disk
  • Scart - RCA Adaptor
Systems Requirements:
Operating System Mac OS 10.12+, Windows 10 / 8 
CPU Intel Pentium 4 or higher
RAM 256MB of RAM 
Graphics Card 512Mb or higher
Free Hard Drive Space 1GB hard disk space for program installation, 4GB or above hard disk space for video capture and editing
Additional Requirements Microsoft DirectX 9.0+ / Sound Card / USB 2.0 port / Original Camcorder Connection Cables
Output Formats MPEG1/2/4 / WMV / MP4 / BMP/ etc.
Compatible Systems PAL / SECAM / NTSC
My VGB350 stopped capturing?
If you run into problems after a period of reliable use then please download the latest drivers and software from our website.

Can I email VHS tapes?
In a roundabout way, yes! You can convert your tapes to MP4 format, and attach those MP4 files to an email. The recipient can click on them and download the video just like that.

I can't see video in the software?
Please close the software and find the application called "Change Video Standard". Select PAL_l and retry the VGB350 software.

If you still cannot see picture then you may need to right-click the Honestech app and select Properties > Compatibility > Reduced Colour Mode > 16 Bit then re-open the software.