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DTV350 Reviewed & Endorsed by the "Which ?"

November 2008

August DTV350C, a 3.5" mini handheld Freeview TV with built-in card reader and USB port, has been tested, reviewed and recommended by the UK's most trustworthy magazine providing independent expert advice to good and no-good goods in November 2008. This mobile TV can be carried in your pocket or bag, and is able to receive Freeview channels. It might be ideal for football fans, or those who love their soap operas, the magazine highlighted the features of DTV350C.

This 3.5" LCD digital TV and multimedia player enables you to watch Freeview TV and listen to digital radio on the move, play video, listen to music and view digital photos via the built-in card reader and USB jack, in the palm of your hand. It can also output TV, video and digital pictures to a larger sized monitor of your computer or even your home TV working as a mini Freeview box. The size of the TV is 105x75x18 mm and the weight is about 150 grams including the battery.

Please note the built-in telescopic and/or the included portable antennas may only work in areas where Freeview signal is strong. There may be difficulties in receiving TV signal with the telescopic and/or portable antenna in some regions at present. This is due to that the Freeview service ( is yet to operate in full power in the UK. A high gain antenna with signal amplifier may help the TV to receive Freeview in regions where signal is marginally strong and a rooftop aerial may be required in regions where the signal is insufficient for a portable antenna before the Digital Switchover in your region. The reception will be improving along with the progress of the Switchover.