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August DVB500 – Android Smart TV Box with Freeview HD PVR

Características Principales

  • Smart TV Box with Android KitKat - Enjoy a world of apps on your TV
    Freeview HD Set Top Box - Watch free live TV in full HD
    WiFi and Ethernet Connection - Straightforward setup, wired or wireless
    USB and SD Readers - Save apps and live TV recordings with unlimited storage
    Bluetooth Enabled - Connect straight to Bluetooth soundbars, headphones and keyboards


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Smart TV Box with Android KitKat 
The DVB500 uses Android KitKat v4.4 to give you access to a world of apps. YouTube, iPlayer, 4OD, Skype, Google and an almost endless list more, can be easily accessed on your TV. Connected entertainment from your armchair. 
Freeview HD Tuner
Outputing HD channels at 1080p, live TV looks stunning through the DVB500. Watching and recording your favourite shows is a joy through the DVB500. With Timeshift, PVR and a 7 day EPG, your viewing can be planned, paused, rewound and rewatched.
WiFi and Ethernet Connection
With both wireless and wired connectivity, the DVB500 can get on the net anywhere you can. Simple to setup, you can be updating your status within minutes of plugging in.
Bluetooth Enabled
Headsets for Skype, keyboards for Whatsapp and soundbars for Freeview can all be connected to the DVB500 wirelessly through the inbuilt Bluetooth. Lagless sound streaming and connection to Bluetooth voiP headsets is easy.
USB and SD Readers
The DVB500 records Freeview to USB or SD cards, connect external hard drives and memory cards for unlimited storage of apps and videos. Then watch back at home or anywhere you go through your laptop, PC or another DVB00.
Multimedia Player
Playback your favourite digital videos, images, and music with the inbuilt multimedia player, or download your favourite from Play Store and experience your PC media on your living room TV.
Product Bar Code(EU):5053047003584
Product Bar Code(UK):5053047003584
Cortex-A5 Quad-Core/1.50GHZ
4 Core GPU: Mali-450
Android 4.4 OS
Bluetooth 4.0
3x USB 2.0 ports
1x SD Card slot
1x HDMI out
1x Ethernet LAN
2.4G Wi-Fi 802.11
Support DVB-T2/T


Q: How do I use the remote control as a mouse?
A: Press and hold the bottom right hand button for 2 seconds to activate the remote control. The arrow buttons allow you to move the cursor and the OK button allows you to click.

Q: How do I navigate Netflix?
A: The slide buttons allow you to scroll up and down the screen and left and right along the movie selection list. You can then use the mouse function to select your movie (press and hold the bottom right button for 2 seconds).

Q: I have updated an app and it now won’t load.
A: Uninstall the app through the Play Store then reinstall it.

Q: I have plugged in the Ethernet cable and the DVB500 is asking for it to be plugged in in Ethernet settings.
A: Unplug the power cable from the DVB500 then replug the cable. Check Ethernet settings.

Q: Miracast only shows the home screen for my phone and then shuts down when I open an app.
A: The DVB500 does not support HDCP, if your source device requires HDCP for Miracast, it will not work. Please refer to your source device’s user manual for more information.

Q: The media player stops playing after 10 seconds or will not open my file.
A: Install VLC from the Play Store. VLC is a free media player that is compatible with a wide range of media codecs.

Q: What can I do if the box cannot boot up?
A: There is a reset button on the underside of the box. Use a pin to press it and the box will reboot. If the box still cannot boot up, please contact our Customer Services.