August VGB500 HDMI Capture Card - USB 3.0 Full HD 1080p 60fps - Capture, Record and Stream PS4, XBOX One and Nintendo SWITCH, for PC, Mac & Linux

Key Features

  • • Stream and Record Gameplay from HDMI devices
    • Play in Real-Time while Recording
    • No Drivers Required
    • HDMI 1080p 60fps Recording via USB 3.0
    • Compatible with DSLR cameras for enhanced Zoom meetings
    • Use with Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating Systems


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A Capture Card is a small, compact passthrough box that allows multiple video connections in order to seamlessly transfer audio-visual data from device to another. This enables a raw copy of the original footage in real time. This opens the doors for editing, streaming, recording and screen mirroring.

Full 1080p 60fps Recording and Streaming

The VGB500 uses HDMI 2.1 receptive ports to maximise the speed, capacity and quality of the transmission. Record in full HD 1080p at a smooth 60fps for the best, most authentic viewing experience. Perfectly balanced for Twitch and OBS Studio both in terms of quality and transfer speed. Give your viewers a smooth video with synchronised audio and share the joy of what you are doing! Don’t let your gaming, hobbies, exercise and more be limited by your capture device.

Compatible Streaming Device

This piece of streaming equipment is vital for gamers and IRL streamers alike, or for those wanting to record footage for preservation!

  • Record PC Microphone Audio While Using Console Footage for the Best Combination of Audio-Visual Elements
  • Capture Card PS5 and PS4 gameplay and run it in real time through your PC or Laptop
  • The USB 3.0 connection is fast and makes a powerful capture card HDMI to USB
  • HDMI Video Capture allows PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo Switch and more
  • Uses open OBS Studio software and plug-and-play drivers to work on Windows, Mac and Linux
Experience high-fidelity games and recordings from whatever device you use, and whatever OS your PC is!

Passthrough Technology

The HDMI 2.1 ports facilitate lossless transfer for audio-visual data. Your footage goes from the console to your PC in under a frame, meaning you can play from your monitor with no latency. The HDMI-to-HDMI passthrough is reliable and 100% accurate provided your cables are of the same grade.

Plug and Play Device

When you’re first investing into a streamer set up or gaming rig you want things to be simple. The VGB500 is designed for everyone to be able to plug it in, set it up, and get recording! Once the USB 3.0 cable is inserted the drivers are unpacked and installed with no downloads needed. Your video capture device is ready in device manager straight away.

Open-Source Free Software

Once plugged in, simply install OBS Studio and you can record HDMI footage, stream retro and modern games, record YouTube and TikTok videos and even passthrough footage from some cameras.

Show the world your recipes, gaming tricks, speedrun times, painting tips, exercise guides and more!

Multi-Purpose Video Capture Card

As well as gaming and recording, many cameras can be compatible. Add extra quality and responsiveness to your zoom calls using your DSLR camera. Raise the bar for conferences, events, talk shows and podcasts in an informal or professional environment with equipment that provides the highest quality audio-visual experience.

In the Box
  • VGB500 Capture Card
  • HDMI Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
Operating Systems Windows 7, 8, Vista, 10, 11.
Linux Operating Systems.
Mac OS 10.9 or Higher
Input and Output HDMI
Connectivity USB 3.0
Internal Battery 3.7V/200mA Li-polymer Battery
Stream Quality 1080p 60fps
Supported Resolutions 720x480, 720x576, 1280x720, 1920x1080
Dimensions 206 x 61 x 15 mm
Weight 71g
Can I Use This On Twitch?
You can capture footage and stream in real-time on the connected PC. Make sure your software has been set up with the capture card as a Video Capture Device and you can stream to whichever services you connect.

Is there any Lag?
When streaming there is imperceptible lag between the HDMI devices, and when streaming most of the lag will come between your streaming software and the website rather than between your capture and your screen. When simply recording there is no lag between audio and visual.

Can this be used with Cameras?
You can turn DSLR's with this card to register them as a Audio/Video device. This means you can have crisp zoom calls or web chats.