Dual Mode Mobile IoT Vital Sign Monitor Watch with SOS Alert

Key Features

  • • Automatic Vital Sign Measurement and Manual Readings Available 24/7
    • SOS Alert Button for Trusted Responders such as Family and Friends Using GPS Location
    • Low Power Narrow Band Connection Saves Battery and Data Use
    • No Paired Phone or App Required; the Mobile IoT SIM card is built in
    • IP67 Waterproof for Daily Use up to 7 Days of Battery Life


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Next Generation Vital Sign Monitor

The E2 is the cutting-edge of personal wearable health technology thanks to the unique Cloud Telehealth Platform. The telehealth platform allows seamless data upload and monitoring by the user or by trusted responders like family and freinds. Set a carer or healthcare professional and data is instantly available. From heart rate and other vital signs to reactive SOS alerts complete with GPS readout for fast response.
Give your loved ones the safety of healthcare tracking without sacrificing thier independence and freedom.

Accessible Digital Healthcare

The E2 is unique as it has a built-in Sim card. This creates a direct contact between your health monitor and worldwide, secure digital communications. There's no need to own a mobile phone and have a branded sim card, as the E2 watch is fully self-contained. Achieve a level of vital sign awareness never before possible without apps and subscriptions!

Everyday Measurements of all Vitals

The E2 measures:

  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Oxygen
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Temperature
  • Location for SOS Responders

Gain a comprehensive and complete view of your vital sign status while learning more about yourself. Learn when you can push yourself and when to relax, and create a healthy lifestyle based around your specific habits. The E2 can wirelessly share this data across the entire globe without any internet or phone requirements thanks to the in-built SIM, so elderly or vulnerable citizens can feel safe and looked-after even when they are worlds apart.

High-Quality Manufacturing

The engineering process ensures an IP rating of IP67 Waterproofing and Particulate protection. This stops rain and dirt from slowing you down. To ensure you can always use the watch, the battery is optimised for up to 7 days of use (Depending on frequency of manual and automatic measurements) so you can rely on the watch to see you through the week, charging easily with the included USB cable at the weekends. The watch charges in under 2 hours to make sure you have minimal breaks in your data.

In the Box

  • E2 IoT Vital Sign Monitor
  • USB - Pogo Charging Cable
  • User Manual / Quick Start Guide
Roaming Countries/Regions
No. Country/Region Network Services
1 Argentina LTE-M  
2 Australia LTE-M  
3 Austria LTE-M NB-IoT
4 Belgium LTE-M  
5 Canada LTE-M  
6 Denmark LTE-M  
7 France LTE-M  
8 Germany LTE-M NB-IoT
9 Great Britain LTE-M NB-IoT
10 Greece   NB-IoT
11 Ireland   NB-IoT
12 Italy   NB-IoT
13 Japan LTE-M  
14 Kore Republic LTE-M  
15 Latvia LTE-M  
16 Netherlands LTE-M NB-IoT
17 Norway LTE-M NB-IoT
18 Poland LTE-M  
19 Romania LTE-M  
20 Spain LTE-M NB-IoT
21 Sweden LTE-M  
22 Switzerland LTE-M  
23 USA LTE-M  
24 China   NB-IoT
25 Taiwan LTE-M  
Measurements Ranges Precision
Heart Rate 30-240 bpm ±1.5-2.0 bpm
BPT Diastolic 50-120mmHg ± 6-8mmHg
BPT Systolic 80-180mmHg ± 6-8mmHg
SpO2 70-100% ± 2-3.4%
Respiration 6 - 30 breaths per min ±2 pm
Body Temperature 32-42°C ±0.5-1.0°C