Portable Radio with Bluetooth Speaker - Black

Key Features

  • • Lightweight Handheld Mini Design
    • Bluetooth 3 + EDR Connectivity
    • Loudest Mini Speaker 70+ dB
    • FM Alarm Clock for Travel
    • MP3 Player USB Port or SD Card


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The SE20 is a tiny speaker with a huge potential. We have engineered powerful speakers accurate to over 70 dB to provide an impressively thorough sound from such a small Bluetooth speaker. Switch between the stable Bluetooth connection up to 10 Meters or the USB / SD Card support for MP3 playback as well as the FM Radio reception over telescopic aerial.

Whatever you want to listen to, the SE20 can facilitate it. The portability only enhances the versatility of this little speaker and makes music accessible in any situation. An LCD screen and Alarm Clock function make the SE20 a reliable travel companion light enough for flights, road trips, hotels and more.

Light Weight and Handheld

Despite the retro-CD-player look, the SE20 can be picked up in one hand, even by one finger! The fold-out handle makes transport easy and the small speaker can be deployed anywhere. Save desk space by putting it on top of the PC, windowsill or tucked behind a monitor. Easily carry outdoors for a sudden musical interlude in the summer sun

All-Inclusive Connection Methods

Connecting Bluetooth is simple and quick, and can carry controls + audio over 10 meters. If you don’t have a Bluetooth device you can playback directly through the SE20 via 3.5mm jack or it’s in-built USB and SD Card ports. Failing either of those options, extend the telescopic aerial and tune in to FM radio across the world!

Alarm Clock Radio for Travel

Taking the SE20 anywhere is easy, and the alarm clock + LCD screen ensure you have a compact, reliable way to keep time and wake up. On business trips abroad, holidays in hotels or just a change in routine at home the SE20 is a space-saving way to keep pace.

Retro Design That Pops

Adding a splash of colour to a desk, travel bag or bedside can make all the difference to your day, especially when that splash of colour can play your favourite songs! Be reminded of the simple pleasure in hearing your MP3 playlist begin with this retro design produced in 4 different colours.

On-board Controls Save Time

Once connected, whichever audio source you have connected can be controlled from the SE20 itself. Leave your phone in a pocket or desk holder and adjust volumes, skip tracks and more directly from the SE20 mini Bluetooth speaker. Quickly pause music without having to find your phone or the app that’s playing

In the Box

SE20 Bluetooth Speaker Radio
USB Charging Cable
3.5mm Aux Cable
User Manual

Bluetooth Version 3.0 + EDR
Connection Range Up to 10m
MP3 Inputs USB and SD card up to 16GB
Internal Battery 3.7V / 800mAh
Working Time Up to 7 Hours
Charging Time About 3 Hours
Dimensions 150×125×85mm
Weight 320g
Is this FM only?
The SE20 scans for FM radio, yes. It can also play anything connected via Bluetooth (Smartphones, Laptops, etc).

Can I choose the alarm?
You can connect a Bluetooth device and use that device's alarm settings. This should give you enough customisation to get the alarm you want.

Can this play CD's?
No, the SE20 is very small and designed for Bluetooth use. You can use a memory stick or an SD card if you do not have a Bluetooth device or if you want a specific set of unchanging songs on the device.